Brahmasutra is written by Lord Vedavyasa who is none other than the incarnation of Lord Narayana. It is like a constitution, which guidelines the spiritual knowledge unleashed by Shruthi, Smriti, Ithihasa, Puranas, Pancharathra and Moola Ramayana. Brahmasutra is said to be Quintessence of complete spiritual knowledge. Acharya Madhwa condensed this Brahmasutra further and named it as Anubhashya. Only a Genius of his calibre can do this Wonder. Its recitation alone brings the fruits of studying all other Shastras.

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Madhvacharya" by Sri C. Narayana Rao. Further, it is small enough to be posted in a few instalments. All my mischief ends with the full stop at the end of this sentence. Bhasya Purnapragna Darshana. Sad at heart, they sat. By the time they had dwadasha namaas traced on their person, lo! Sri Gurubhyo Namaha. Vedavyasaatmaka Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Namaha. It also tells us how Moksha is attained? Every Vedic Text primarily proclaims Vishnu.

Again, it is Lord Vishnu who alone propels every living being to act. And He is known through his attributes. He is also Annamaya ie. But, Narayana is not made to act by anyone. He is known as Adhokshaja as He cannot be grasped by senses.

He is "Sarvagaha". So He is "Niyantha". So, He is "Drusyatgat? It is only He who is full of numberless qualities. Only He is "San" , free from all defects. He is always "Atyanta Jagadvilakshana". But the others so called masters cease to be masters some day or the other.

Only Vishnu who alone can save jiva from the woe of samsara is primarily known by words which can denote both Vishnu and others. The Vedas say that Sri Vishnu is the most subtle of subtle things Anoriyan? Anu of Anuus. For the person selling "curd" is addressed as "O Curd" and he comes. One who possesses wealth is called a "Dhani". Likewise, the word "Dukhi" need not always mean one who has "Dukhi" or sorrow on his person. Ahaha also means Surya, the Sun.

Sandhya is the meeting. He who makes a jiva meet others is Sandhya and He is Vishnu, the Atma who determines whom a jiva shoule meet. The word "upasita" means "sit close". The crow is called "Ka Ka"as it cries "Ka Ka". So, not only the whole sentence but every word relate to or denote Him. His power and lordship is unlimited. And the Vedas themselves do say that they in toto are describing only Him? So, He is "Ekaha Amitatmakhaha".

Here, Akasha is avaantara karana. This is not absurd. After creating akasha, the space, He entered it Akasha. Sri Hari is completely free from all defects. Nowhere has anyone seen anything being born of nothing. Only Independent Chetana Narayana. Such a usage is found in words like Chaturmukha Brahma ie.

Anantha Padmanabha denotes Vishnu as both Anantha and Padmanabha. The eternal Vedas, free from defects of human authorship, do not say anything that is not true. Again, Vedas declare that Devas meditate upon Vishnu to get His grace.

The five elements, ie. Rudra and others are neither creators nor destroyers. And all jivas are always, even after Moksha, is under His control only. The jiva is always, even in Moksha state, only a Pratibimba or, reflection. The facto of Vayu being jivottama 3. As Master and Ruler within, of all and as Brahman, ie. At the same time, perform prescribed karmas of your order, without least expectation of its fruits.

This is possible because of his unlimited strength, power and bliss. Only He can give moksha and none else. Gradation that exists always among jivas, even in mukti. He is Chit because He is Gnanaswaroopi, having Complete knowledge of all? He is the sole Atma, being the Master of all. So every one must try his best to know as many as he can of the attributes of the Lord mentioned in all Vedas. Sravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasana till he sees the Lord in the recesses of his heart.

Only after seeing God in hrdayakasha. This goes on happening upto four faced Brahma. Afterwards, he gets moksha. But man, at the time of release, leaves this coarse body on earth, and gets a finer fresh body as soon as he enters the higher worlds. Karya Brahma.

Mother Lakshmi is always muktha ie. Nithya Muktha. A mukta jiva can order such of mukta jivas who are below him in rank. The mukta jivas are free from sorrows of every kind. They never come back to be born in the world. They enjoy eternal bliss. Let Lord of Sri be pleased with this grantha.

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Anu Vyakhyana ( Pothi)

Shree Madvacharya always has the direct knowledge and never encounters any obstacles in his endeavors. However, in the beginning of Anuvyakhyaana he has written Mangala Shloka in praise of ShreemannaraayaNa. He is the embodiment of all infinite auspicious qualities. Unlike us, He does not have physical inanimate body. He is described in Vedaas and Shaastraas directly and is praised by all. I prostrate with special devotion to Him who is always my most beloved.


Works of Madhvacharya

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Anu Vyakhyana - Vishwesha Tirtha

Professor H. Vidwan H. It is often heard from foreign scholars that works on Indian philosophy are generally written by those that have not made a study of the subject in the original Sanskrit works and they are therefore not reliable. Hence it may not be out of place to say a few words about my fittedness to expound Brahma-Mimamsa. Mysore University has done a great honour to this work in accepting it as a university publication. This act of kindness is no other than recognising the fittedness of the author.


Brahma Sutra Anu Bhashya

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