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Complete race set-everything you need to begin racing is in the box. Want to expand to 6 cars? Use a hand-held control set extension box This is plugged into the socket of hand-held control set 1 and extended on to control sets 1, 3, 4 in the extension box and hand-held control sets 2, 5, 6 in the Black Box.

Black Box sockets 3 and 4 are for handset controls for cars 5 and 6. A car that never ran on track but that Carrera fans now can enjoy at th scale in an 18 ft. A maximum of 4 cars can be controlled by wireless. The other two have to be plug-in controllers.

Carrera Race Duel race set, Digital A great set for a new racer that comes with the Control Unit and a double lane change and two great cars! Track length: BMW can look back on an extremely successful DTM season in , thanks to an excellent team and an unbeatable racing car. A year later Robert Wickens in a Mercedes finished the season in 5th position. The Both teams have optimised their cars.

The countdown has begun! R that has already won the famous long distance race seven times in a row. This model was introduced in in Detroit and is more aerodynamic and has a stiffer chassis. All the experts see it at the front of the pack. However, the Ferrari Italia GT2 is famous for its mastery in the bends.

Both produce a wonderfully musical 8-cylinder sound. Can the Corvette retain its titles or will it be beaten to pole position and championship glory by the eager Ferrari team around this Carrera Corvette Race set Digital 9. The small, lightweight American car enjoyed instant success, both in the US and internationally. The short wheelbase coupled with Ford V8 power was a winning combination back then, just as it is now on your slot track.

A matched pair of fastback Mustangs gives you optimized performance for head-to-head racing. Tracetrack guarantee a real racetrack atmosphere at home! Lane-changing, tactical passing and races involving up to 6 cars on the Carrera Passion of Speed set. The Carrera racetrack is around 7.

The fatest cars from the eighties, Group 5 BMW vs. Zaxspeed Capri on a foot course with two lane-changer tracks. The set with cult status The tracks start to vibrate when these racers hit the circuit. Risky overtaking manoeuvres, lane changes and drifts push the drivers to the limits of their concentration.

These faithfully reproduced classics should be a part of every Carrera collection! Two new cars are on their way from Racer Sideways , so you can pre-order yours now. By Electric Dream Team. In Newsletter Archive Now you can go racing with a Carrera Digital set and save one-thirdfor a limited time and only on these 12 sets. No dealers. Visit this Set. We are advised by Carrera that this car will only be available in this race set.

View this Set. Carrera Passion of Speed set View this Car. Thanks for shopping with us! The Electric Dream Team www. Carrera , carrera racing set , Newsletter , racer.

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Carrera Digital 132 Time Race Set Slot Car Race Set 30168 1 32 3 Cars Wireless



Carrera Time Race Digital 132 Racing Set


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