AEG Power Solutions Group is a global provider of power electronic systems and solu- tions for all industrial power most comprehensive product area of power conversion and complementary operating business units Renewable Energy Efficiency Solutions and service portfolio consists solar power plants like solar trol systems as well as power and service portfolio includes high performance uninterrup- table power supplies USPs , industrial power controller and Thanks to its distinctive exper- tise, bridging both AC and DC spanning the worlds of both energy, the company creates innovative Priority is given to user friendliness and broader The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 2. Open the catalog to page 3.

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Celebrating its 50th anniversary in power control systems innovation, AEG PS is announcing the launch of its new generation Thyro-A series thyristor power controllers making available brand new features and setting a new market standard. In use for over a decade in uninterrupted operation for the most diverse applications, the tried and tested Thyro-A power controllers have been rightly considered the standard on the market to date.

Not least for this reason, this power controller range has been the most successful and most often purchased worldwide.

New standards have had to be defined in such areas as functionality, accuracy and energy efficiency. Because we involved our customers and partners closely in the planning and development phase, we are quite sure that a smooth transition can now be made enabling the new units to perform as successfully as the soon to be discontinued Thyro-A product.

The new Thyro-A series supports voltages of 24V to V offering a unique product range of 2A up to 1,A, available as one, two and three-phase units. Via FlexConnect, the power controllers can be connected from either the top or the bottom. Celebrating a premiere with its full-graphics touch display, the new power controller allows for extremely intuitive handling, thereby offering new opportunities with regard to visualization and parameter setting.

Set and actual values, as well as operating modes are displayed in plaintext with operating modes also being indicated via color-changing backlights.

In addition to Ethernet, USB2. As an alternative browser-based option, parameters can also be set and visualization effected via an integrated web server.

The new range also offers a sophisticated cooling concept enabling the units to be operated via water cooling as an alternative to traditional air cooling.

A further operating mode is available via water-cooled rear panels. Another characteristic feature of the new generation is its use of intelligent and advanced technologies that include network interference reduction and mains load optimization to help reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions during operation.

Since the market launch of the very first power controller SEMITAKT in , AEG PS has understood the importance of know-how, innovation and technology transfer for its products and solutions, while focussing on the specific requirements of the customer and continues to innovate on the same track.

AEG Power Solutions is a world provider of innovative premium power solutions. Backed by more than a century of innovation and customer service, AEG Power Solutions offers a full-range of highly reliable, cost effective solutions, from power conversion modules, solar inverters and solutions to high reliability UPS systems, industrial chargers and DC systems.

System solutions from AEG PS are designed to interface with the electrical power grid and to offer power solutions for mission-critical applications in harsh environments, such as utility-scale renewable energy plants, polysilicon manufacturing process, power plants, offshore oil rigs or chemical refineries.

AEG Power Solutions activities consist of two complementary operating segments: Renewable Energy Solutions, gathering power controller systems and solar solutions and Energy Efficiency Solutions, dedicated to all infrastructure applications.

Thanks to its distinctive expertise, bridging both AC and DC power technologies and spanning the worlds of both conventional and renewable energy, the company is uniquely positioned to benefit long-term from emerging demand for intelligent micro-energy grids. Shares are also traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ticker: 3W9. Claire Pairault Director of Communication. This functionality is currently under development.

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2A 400-100 HRL3 | AEG | Thyro-A Power Controller

H RL1, H RLP page 36 - Synchronization syt-9 operating mode ta H RL 1, Quick Links.


48*48 Mm Thyro A Digital Thyristor Controller



AEG THYRO-A Operating Instructions Manual


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