As usual, the Doha regime used its media arms to attack its opponents. The American prosecution in Brooklyn opened it again. In public, the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq called, in its editorial, on Sunday 12 April , to ignore this scandal, citing that it is better for the world today to be preoccupied with the crisis of the coronavirus better than it ended and went. An invitation to turn a blind eye. It claimed that Qatar has always adopted transparency in this matter and until what happened recently last week, from submitting some of the prosecution files, the response came strong, clear and transparent.

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The award honours organisations and individuals for imbibing the principles of corporate responsibility in their business philosophy and operations to achieve positive impact on their stakeholders and adopt innovative sustainable solutions to pressing social challenges.

Winners will be selected by a panel of juries drawn from NGOs, corporate firms, universities, media and international organizations of repute. The selction committee chairman said the panel includes experts and practitioners from Qatari men and women, who have full autonomy to make their own decisions in the operations of their respective organisations. He said the objective of the award was to encourage companies and national institutions to adopt best global practices in social responsibility, and to encourage innovative initiatives that bring them closer to the community and their workers.

The Awards will recognise outstanding achievements of organisations and teams that have contributed to the development of CSR and sustainability agenda in the country. Strengthening the education system and developing female capabilities are also part of their prescribed commitment.

We expect the number to go up this year. Log In Remember Me. Print Email. Share 0. Takatuf Initiative. Qatar Directory. Our Publications. Upcoming Events. Sep 23 pm — Sep 26 pm. Hotel Partners. Whatsapp Service.


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The State of Qatar is also keen on contributing positively to eliminating terrorism through a comprehensive approach aiming at addressing the root causes, whether political, economic or social, along with the active participation in the international efforts in the fight against violent extremism, Al-Sharq said. The State of Qatar is contributing greatly to resolving conflict peacefully through mediation and the provision of dialogue platforms, such as the Doha Forum, the Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue and many others. The State also sponsors leading initiatives, including the provision of education for around ten million children in areas of conflict across the world, and the economic empowerment of women and children in the Middle East and Africa, the Qatari daily added. The State of Qatar carries out many comprehensive and significant roles in the fight against terrorism, making it a role model at the regional and international levels, Al-Sharq concluded. Want to send a tip? How ajeeb was that!? Thanks for contributing to our community!


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