Warm Tips: Please fill out the below form and we will contact you as soon as possible. The ANSB components of Jotrin Electronics are carefully chosen, undergo stringent quality control and are successfully meet at all required standards. The production status marked on Jotrin. If you did not find what you were looking for, you can get more value information by email, such as the ANSB Inventory quantity, preferential price, and manufacturer. We are always happy to hear from you so feel free to contact us.

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Prompt, please, what role executes a situation of a reflecting square concerning a rotor of the motor of the scanner? Respond to this. English is obviously not your native language. I have no idea what you are trying to ask. Please sign in to comment. Yes, you are right. I not so well understand in English, only in Russian. I send on the printer 1 page for example, test page , But the printer gives out 1 or 2 completely of black sheet, then sheets with alternating black-and-white strips.

Then, it can give out excellent, completely normally printed sheet and is normal to finish work. Performance the engine test - the same result. Can you help? You're our first Russian customer. You need a new scanner assembly for that. We don't have any 6L scanner assemblies in stock. Whether I can repair his? Can you help, where I can find the electronic circuit of this block and all printer? I found your post here, I know it was long time ago, but have you got this circuit? Or maybe know where I can find it?

I need it very much, please for any help. All the best, Tomasz Bajraszewski, Poland - Anonymous. I KNOW this part was working. For interest I thought of powering it up, but I too cannot find a data sheet for the device. If anyone wants the module you can have it FREE except for postage and packing.

I shall throw it out after a few months. I suggest you throw it away. I didn't get as much as an email, let alone someone interested in buying it. Even finding a data sheet for the motor controller IC seems a hopeless task Uli - Anonymous. Regards Juan Carlos. ANSB is a with hall sensor brushles motor controller. Depends to motor clock pulse. Pulse pin must be 4. Motor must up 1.

So without this pin motor worked. But it can works with 24 v too.. Unknown Printer. Buy discount ink Buy on Ebay Buy on Amazon. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.


AN8247SB Panasonic laser disk spindle Motor Controller datasheet.



scanner 6L



AN8247SB, AN8248NSB, AN8248SB


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