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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Predator by K. The Predator Animorphs 5 by K. Applegate ,. Katherine Applegate. Marco never wanted to be an Animorph. He never wanted the ability to change into any animal he touches.

He just wants to chill. Whatever happens, happens. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. United States of America. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Predator , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of The Predator Animorphs, 5. Mar 11, Ashley rated it liked it Shelves: kid-lit , found-in-my-mom-s-garage , take-me-to-your-leader , sci-fi.

The Predator is strangely named. I've been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to figure out who exactly the predator is in this book, and I still don't have a definite answer. This book is nominally about the Animorphs trying to carry out Ax's plan of luring a Yeerk ship to the ground, stealing it, and then hightailing it back to Andalite space where, theoretically, he can send reinforcements back to the Animorphs , but really, it's about Marco finally committing to the mission.

Until now, h The Predator is strangely named. Until now, he's been the most reluctant of the group, only going along at times due to wanting to help Jake, being shamed by Rachel or Cassie, because something drastic happened that he could help with in the moment, or simply because he saw a mission as low risk or fun.

But now on the two year anniversary of his mom's death with his father still devastated emotionally, he realizes that he can't keep going and risk that his dad will have two family members to mourn instead of one. I was looking forward to our first Marco book particularly, because he was my favorite character when I was a kid. I found his inane jokes and inability to be serious quite charming and hilarious. I seem to remember there will be an incident with a Baby Ruth thrown into a pool in our near future?

I knew theoretically that Marco's humor was a coping mechanism, but it's only now reading through the eyes of an adult that that idea actually holds resonance for me.

In fact, part of the reason I'm only rating this one 3. The beginning of the book especially is curiously light on Marco introspection, and even after the big reveal at the end, he never really comes out and says what he's feeling. Maybe Marco is just more cagey than the others, but I really thought the first four books did a much better job of tying the POV characters' emotional arc to what was happening in the plot. And things did pick up in that respect by the end.

The first half of the book is them having wacky adventures with Ax, basically. They take Ax to the mall to visit Radio Shack! RIP so he can get the parts to build the fake Yeerk distress beacon that will hopefully call down a Yeerk ship from the sky, but he can't control his human morph yet. He keeps running off to buy food he discovers the sense of taste for the first time and FREAKS OUT--also, this book was published before Starbucks was mainstream, and Applegate actually clarifies that it's a coffee place, which I find adorable.

Ax also won't shut up making mouth sounds because he's never had a mouth before. And then, they have to somehow find a z-space transponder, which does not come standard packaging at Radio Shack, so they decide to break in to Chapman's secret basement and steal one of his, using brand new ant morphs.

The ant incident is yet another example of ways this series takes it to a level you don't expect in a children's book series. The kids are horrified by the experience of being ants, not least because Applegate portrays being in an ant's mind as being existentially terrifying. They have no sense of self, because they are hive insects.

And on top of that, as they are escaping Chapman's house, they are attacked by thousands of ants from an enemy colony and almost die. Like, limbs ripped off, eyes gouged out, almost bitten in half died for real. I know it is a children's book series so I should probably cut it some slack for not going more in depth on this incident, but as much as I like the idea of it, I wasn't totally sold on the execution.

It happened too fast for me to really feel that terror that so badly traumatizes the kids, and they are traumatized. All of them have nightmares, Rachel has a full on PTSD breakdown in the cafeteria the next day, and Marco solidifies his decision to quit the group after this last mission. Until, that is, their plan view spoiler [goes to shit, because it turns out the Yeerks aren't as incompetent as the kids hoped, and spot the trickery immediately, turning the Animorphs' trap into a trap of their own.

They are taken captive and brought onto the Yeerk mother ship up in space which leads to a neat moment where all of them except Ax realize they are in space for the first time, and look down upon Earth. Visser Three plans to parade them in front of Visser One to gain points, because apparently they are rivals and hate each other a ton. I actually really like that they are caught. They are still new at this, and even Ax is just a kid. It would be completely unbelievable if all of their plans worked and they thwarted the Yeerks all the time.

They are inexperienced, and it shows. Their capture also makes clear that having Ax around is handy for showing the Yeerks that they are in fact Andalites, and potentially staving off any questioning that they might be other than Andalite, if they play it right. Anyway, so Visser One turns out to be Marco's mom. I would complain about it being a convenient way to get Marco's head in the game, but it was clearly planned from the beginning, and also, it doesn't just work as shock value.

It gives Marco hope to keep fighting, and it sets the stage for some interesting future developments. I mean, it's even potentially more interesting of a revelation that Visser One and Visser Three are enemies than it is that Marco's mom is Visser One.

None of the other Animorphs except Jake recognize Marco's mom, and he wants to keep it that way. But all of them understand the significance of that rivalry, especially when Visser One releases them from custody making it look like an escape just to hurt Visser Three's cred.

I mean, either she's very stupid, or very confident. Although, I guess the "Andalite Bandits" are a pretty low threat at the moment, but it won't stay that way for long. It also tells us something about the Yeerk mindset, that their petty rivalry could actually get in the way of making smart tactical decisions for the good of the group.

View all 3 comments. Mar 07, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: applegrant , childrens-lit , rereads. Except that I do think this one is a very good book due to their experience morphing ants hands down one of the most terrifying moments in the entire series IMO, has lodged itself in my memory forever , and the lobster also a moment which I thought of every time I eat lobster, whoops , and the twist at the end.

Just, so good. So gutting, and sets in motion a really long-term arc. And now he's got his motivation, too. The way he tries to quit the team, because he's already had enough -- and how can you blame him , considering the absolute horror of his near-death as a dolphin in the previous book, and the lobster and ant experiences in this book -- and the way the war sucks him back in, in the most gutting and life-ruining way possible.

The Message underscored the importance of Cassie's presence on the team as its heart and conscience and empathetic understanding, but this book also highlights the importance of Marco's role as the comedic relief: he works hard to keep their spirits up, to keep the mood jolly even when they're staring down the barrel of an awful, awful death. It's his own way of coping with the circumstances they're in, but it's such a necessary ingredient within the group, too: each Animorphs occupies such a crucial spot within the team, all their personalities a carefully-calibrated gyroscope.

The team would fall apart if they were missing just one of them. I got especially verklempt at anything to do with Marco's father; plus Marco's emotional vulnerability about his mother, and the way he's already had to shoulder a burden that no pre-teen should have to.

He might cultivate an immature facade with his jokes and joshing around, but he's anything but. I love him!!! Favourite quotes moved to Google Docs. Apr 11, Kara Babcock rated it liked it Shelves: read , ebook , science-fiction , young-adult. We arrive at the last of the introductions to the original five Animorphs: Marco, no last name as usual. He is, in our Animorph boy band, the Funny One not the Pretty One, though he might try to sell you on that. Debate which of the other Animorphs are which boy band stereotype in the comments!


The Predator

The Predator , published in December and written by K. Applegate , is the fifth book in the Animorphs series. It is the first book narrated by Marco. Marco never wanted to be an Animorph. He never wanted the ability to change into any animal he touches. He just wants to chill. Whatever happens, happens.


The Predator (Animorphs Series #5)

The Predator , published in and written by K. Applegate , is the fifth book in the Animorphs series. It is narrated by Marco. Ax wishes to return to the Andalite home world, and to do so, he needs a ship.





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