If you wish to follow a more traditional ARES only path and "work the radio", you'll want to follow the "Level 2" path. If you're looking to build on your "working the radio" skills, support ARES, and take on more of a team leader role, you'll want to follow the "Level 3" path. Any completion certificates that you receive and turn in to the EC will garner you points for each certificate. You will notice some courses may have a letter after the main course number. The letter indicates a revision to the initial course after it was first offered on the website.

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Many of our served agencies have been asking for the membership to be more aware and trained in ICS. The plan requires that these educational requirements be completed within one year of the introduction of the plan. In a lot of areas, untrained and unvetted volunteers are not being permitted into EOCs and other government entities without some basic certification in the current command and control systems ICS.

The new ARES plan addresses the need for this training and the certification that follows when a courses is successfully completed. The courses are no cost and can be done at your leisure, so no travel or out of pocket expenses are required. As of this time, the EC course is the only course available and only as a 9 week, 30 seat mentored course. The ARRL is still in the process of producing the course material for personal online study or in local classes taught by EmComm Certified Instructors.

Both of these courses will be no cost to take the final exams. We suggest and urge you to go ahead and work on completing the independent study ICS courses while we wait for the additional material to be released. Extensions on the one year requirement can be granted by the section manager on a case by case basis, so the membership has flexibility to complete the training. Keep a positive viewpoint on these changes because you will probably learn some things that you did not know.

For the leadership in ARES, learning how to work with and motivate volunteers and how to develop exercises are all things that will benefit you personally and your local ARES group. Cass Co. Benton Co. NetLogger was utilized, as well. There were a total of 26 checkins with 11 of those coming from healthcare facilities.

Their next meeting on March 8 will include plans to build the separator wall, install the pocket door, and then complete the installation of the remaining surface mount hardware and wiring. You can keep up to date on the trailer project at bcmoem.

You can read about it at bentoncountyares. Operators supporting the event reviewed the communication plan and assignments. The weather for the event was a major concern. A few logistical issues were quickly overcome. Net format has been updated to include the use of digital images to provide participants with signal level information.

Net Control Manager logging provides NCS with current roll call listing that is sent to all stations. FLamp messages for training provide interaction between operators and NCS. A SEMA Conference bridge call running simultaneous allows net participants to share and update information. Audrain Co. Carter Co. Douglas Co. Missouri Section February Activity Report. Stay safe.


Emergency Communications Graduate List



Missouri Section February 2019 Activity Report




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