Table of Contents Contents Table of Contents How to Play Journey to Shadwood Academy Life at Shadwood Academy Leave the Eastern Isle

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Table of Contents Contents Table of Contents How to Play Journey to Shadwood Academy Life at Shadwood Academy Leave the Eastern Isle Convince Teijal and Galahad to Help Travel to Underfall Save Mel Survive the Demon Realm Travel to Mt Orion Obtain the Stone of Aya The Finale Chapter 4. Data Tables Goodie Caves Chapter 1. Story Aveyond adventure games take place in the world of Aia where unconventional heroes explore diverse lands completing quests.

In the fourth installment of the Orbs of Magic series, Mel has gone into hiding after she discovers she can use magic.

To make matters worse, wicked creatures called Darklings keep popping up, convinced that Mel is the prophesied one who will build a dark empire for them. Edward, the ousted heir to the throne of Thais, who is also Mels best friend, eventually finds her hiding in the village of Harakauna.

To her dismay, hes brought along two professors from a school of magic called Shadwood Academy. After seeing Mels potential, the professors refuse to leave without her. Mel agrees to go with them, but only if Edward accompanies her.

Edward is dismayed, but agrees to put the dispute for his throne aside, and train with Mel in the far away Arishta Isles, where Shadwood Academy is located. Chapter 2. Mel has been living humbly in Harakauna for the past year and has used or sold all of her stuff.

Difficulty Modes The difficulty modes allow players to endure more challenging battles or have an easier time of traveling through lands accomplishing quests. Most defeated monster groups will not reappear if you leave an area and return later. Some defeated monster groups reappear. HP and MP are not replenished when characters gain levels. Most defeated monster groups reappear. The Tutorial The tutorial demonstrates how to use the controls and interact with the system. The same actions can be accomplished using either the keyboard or mouse.

Our protagonist, Mel, appears in a grassy clearing with instructions to pick up things, fight creatures, eat food, equip armor and monitor quests. Save your game often and in multiple slots! Dont learn the hard way. To see your journal, click on the icon or right-click and pick the journal, or press Esc and use the arrow keys. Right-click or press escape to return to the scene. Click on the bag or walk over with the arrow keys and press the space bar.

With the key collected, the treasure chest can be opened. To put on the clothes, open the character menu, choose equip, select Mel and pick the dirty clothes with the mouse or by using the arrow keys and space bar. Click on the Snapdragon or walk over and press the space bar to interact. Fighting the creature illustrates the process of choosing the attack method or defense and then picking the foe to challenge. Loot the corpse and get your prizebread in this case. Eat it by choosing the items, selecting the bread and opting for Mel.

Early on in the game, get a good sense of how eating food or using an item works so you dont accidently consume something unintentionally. Leave the area by clicking the end of the path when the cursor displays a little figure, or walk out with the arrow keys. Menu To access the menu, right-click or press Esc or click on the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Scroll through headings and options using the mouse or the arrow keys; left-click or press Space or Enter to select. Right-click or press Escape to close the menu or section. Navigation To walk around, left-click with your mouse on the desired location, or use the arrow keys.

Interaction To talk to a person, click on them with the mouse or approach using the arrow keys and press Space or Enter. Use the same technique for opening doors and chests, picking up items and reading signs, notices and books. After you have finished reading a message, left-click or press Space or Enter to continue the message or return to the game. The mouse icon changes as it moves over people and objects that allow interaction.

A speech bubble indicates you can talk to a person; a hand icon indicates an accessible object; a magnifying glass indicates something can be read; a sword indicates battle can take place.

Saving and Loading Games Your game is automatically saved in the top slot when entering a new area. Save manually by clicking the disk icon on the bottom toolbar or opening the menu to the Save section, then selecting the place of your choosing; you can have up to seven.

One account of saved games can exist per Windows user with a separate login ID. To load a game while playing, go to the menu, choose Load and select a saved game. When first starting choose Load from the title page. Using Items Click on the Items icon in the toolbar, or open the menu and select Items. To use an item, select it from the menu. If it requires a target such as food items , select the recipient. Unavailable items are shown in red text.

Scrolls, for example, can only be used in battle and will only be accessible for a fight or to sell. Most items can be sold for gold. The selling price of all items is half the original cost. Go about using and selling items with care so you dont accidentally waste or sell things unintentionally. Equipping Characters As you explore new areas and enter new cities, better weapons and armor can be found or bought. They must be equipped for use.

Choose Equip from the menu, and select a character or click a face on the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the Current Equipment in the left panel, and choose the category. Then select an item from the available equipment. The Item Info panel shows statistics for the currently equipped or new item. The Statistics panel compares the item currently equipped with the one selected in the Equip panel. Skills Most skills are magical and require mana to use, but some are not. While all can be employed during battle, healing skills work anytime.

Open the menu and choose Skills, pick a character, select the desired option and choose a recipient. As the mouse moves over skills, a description appears at the top of the screen. Arranging the Party In the menu Select Leader to designate the character you prefer to walk around as. Select Battle to choose your fighters. Click on a character to place an active member in reserve, or make an inactive personality one of the battlers.

Up to four characters may participate in battle, so before a reserve member may join the team, one of the fighters must be rendered inactive. Character Profiles Information about the party members is available in the menu. Choose Profiles and then select a character. Experience Points; the more points the higher the level.

Level Defense against physical attacks. Physical strength of a character. Indicates whether healthy or suffering from an adverse state. Increases the ability to dodge attacks. Defense against magical attacks. Your Journal Your journal is a record of tasks to be completed.

This can be a useful guide when youre unsure of what to do next. Click on the Journal icon on the toolbar, or open the menu and choose Journal. The most common source of new journal entries comes from talking to people. Sometimes you can help people even if you dont have a journal entry for the task. When you receive a new journal entry, there is a soft trilling sound and the journal flashes briefly.

Battling Monsters Monsters in most wilderness areas and caves will approach you to initiate a battle.


Aveyond Darkthrop Prophecy Goodie Caves

Mel can use magic and she's not happy about it. Worse, little dark creatures are following her and calling her their queen! This document contains a complete Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun!

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Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough

Content s of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. Hidden Object. Time Management. Top Franchises. Free Games. Online Browser Games. Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough provides more than 40 detailed maps on each location, and step by step instructions on how to beat this exciting game in the Aveyond series.

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