New sections include Sports, Technology, Contemporary, and Activities. Chandamama is a monthly magazine for kids and youngsters, covering a wide range of titles on Indian history, folklore, mythology and culture. Read your favourite stories in your own language. Your Language, Your Chandamama.

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Please be aware to check out the authenticity before giving money here. We are just like your thought. We are buch of people who Lov We are buch of people who Love Chandamama to read. Who have grown up while reading and want to pass on to our next generation. We are just fans of Chandamama. There is no single place or site to read all the books. We spent lot of money in aquiring the website. We bought from lot of people for quailty books. We did our best in combining those books and created pages to present in website.

Ofcourse some generous people have donoted missing books - Thanks to them. Please note we are neither Copy Right Owners nor claim as owners. Please use it freely without any warranty. As per the wiki page Chandamama has been bought over by Geodesic info systems.

They had an online version but it's still not accessible as of now. There is no message displayed on www. It seems this site is not available since then. This question is quite difficult to answer, much like how hard it would be to list the most common global languages and explain the rationale for each language's characte It seems after being taken over by a technology company, which digitised its presence from hard copy to soft copy form, it has taken an unusual decline.

As per Wikipedia it has stopped publishing in all languages since The website never really got going and the takeover was more a debacle. Great news! Chandamama - Good Old Stories.

It was bought by Geodesic in Due to mismanagement, the holding company is under litigation, so the magazine assets are frozen. There is a new website which has these magazine for free in ! Chandamama Stories. The magazine was a good one, but it failed to update with time. If it had gone completely digital, things would have been different. So sad to see such a company shutting down its office. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience.

Read more. What happened to Chandamama magazine? Update Cancel. Quora User , Proud to be Bharatiya. Update : chandamama. You only see this notice if you search for it. Continue Reading. Which one is the most interesting magazine in the world and why is that? What are the steps to create a magazine? How are magazines printed? Why are magazines so popular? Answered Oct 7, What are the most common keyboard layouts? And why is each layout designed as such? Updated May 28, You dismissed this ad.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Updated Mar 24, It went online. What are the top 5 women's magazines in India? What are some of the best weekly or monthly Indian magazines? How would you start a magazine in India? How long does it take to create a magazine?

Answered May 3, Visualize Cassandra metrics in real-time to optimize performance. Build customizable, drag-and-drop dashboards to monitor and optimize Cassandra performance. Try it free. Learn More. View more. Related Questions What is a split-run magazine? Could some one name the top Chennai based magazines?

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Shakthi Dass , also spelt as ShakthiDass or Shakthi Das , is an Indian painter, sketcher, and wrapper artist for children's magazines, comics and newspapers for the last four decades. Shakthi Dass is a passionate artist. Since early childhood, he has been sketching and painting. He is versatile and can create art works in a variety of styles. He has been sketching nonstop professionally for the past 4 decades. He has also done thousands of paintings for international publications and office and industrial settings. Shakthi Dass believes that anybody can be a reasonably good painter.



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