Photo: Mike Cameron. Although software plug-ins have made huge inroads into studio recording, hardware effects and processors shown no sign of becoming extinct. The name Virtualizer may not be new, but this Pro model, which can run both its channels independently, claims 71 new effect types, including improved reverberation capability. To simplify editing, each algorithm has no more than seven editable parameters not counting high- and low-pass filters and there are user memories for patch storage as well as factory presets. It's also good to see that the user patches come filled with effects that are not simply copies of the factory patches. All the familiar effects types are available, from reverb and delay to pitch-shifting, modulation and rotary-speaker simulation, but, as you might expect, there are lots of other treatments in there including enhancers, stereo width manipulators, bass enhancers, equalisers, distortion effects, speaker simulators, vinyl emulators and so on.

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High-performance, bit, multi-engine effects processor at a great price. I find this unit very easy to use, even without the manual. The menu system is a little limited due to the 4 character display, but if you know what you're looking for it's very straightforward.

Any piece of gear with this many features does require the user to have an idea of what they are looking for, however. It is not as simple as a single stompbox Sound Quality : 8.

For a small-mid sized rig the noise is tolerable. A stack of 'em could be a problem. I gig with one in the chain on a wireless horn rig, mostly now as a problem-solver. True efx I'm keeping on the floor. That said, it never gives any problems with ground loop can't say that about my presonus and ART DIs. I did use it for a cpl years as the primary efx processor and achieved some rich tones that stomp boxes just don't have the flexibility to achieve.

However, the delay in preset switching was a real limitation. Even so, it sounded very good in this app. Reliability : 9. Surprisingly robust for the brand. It's in a 4u case that is constantly moved. Has locked up on me twice. Both times I suspect it was overdriven hottest part of the song, we're playing hard, etc However, that could mean excessive signal OR poor power voltage onstage. Power cycle fixed. Customer Support : No Opinion. Overall Rating : 9.

Excellent tool. Cleaner sound than some of the yamaha EFX I've worked with. Quicker to tune if you know the menu. Great features for the price, very reliable. I'll prolly buy a 2nd soon for use as a parametric EQ If you plug your guitar into this thing, you'll immediately have more options for sound than you've ever dreamed of - and these are not just cheap, crappy sounds, these are all over the place. The issue here is, that depending on what you want this is not a plug-in and go kind of unit - you have to edit the effects to get what you want - and this unit will let you do that - and remember your changes.

I use this unit with an FCB foot controller a challenge to grasp, but doable and use it all the time for effects. If you're wanting to edit patches, remember that the volume from patch to patch is not always equal, you have to adjust your gain so that you don't have one patch that is too quiet and another that screams.

You can do this, but it takes time and patience at first, until you determine what patches you want to refine. The DSP P and sound awesome - it's all up to you and your choices. Sound Quality : 9. Over one hundred settings are available, not just adjustments, but actual different sounds.

Plan on spending a week just figuring out what you want the most, then adjust them to the volume and intensity levels that you want. I use this in a rack with a foot controller and use about 20 presets - any more than that and I'd never remember what they were. This has been a much discussed failing of this effects unit and the company has not offered an explanation other than "this is what happens" and so what is the question?

In my experience, this is an annoying trait of this unit, but considering all of the other great things I get out of it, I can overlook it. I use this unit with a condenser mic or a guitar line in, switched with an FCB, through an ART preamp into a sound board. I've heard the volume and expression pedals on the FCB will work with the VAmp effects system, but I've never tried it.

Reliability : I didn't say this before, but I have two of these units, matched for different traveling rigs. If one of them died I'd immediately buy another. There's just no doing without a unit that has this much operating ability, broad scope, and editing quality for the money. I use my DSP P live all of the time. I have one in my rack and one for my suitcase.

Customer Support : I've been in touch with Behringer a few times for technical issues and they've always gotten back to me. Just remember; because you're asking a question about their hardware, they assume that you understand it and will answer you with reasonable solutions.

If you don't understand the gear, they won't hold your hand while you try to "get it". They expect you to figure it out. Overall Rating : I've been playing a long time as a pro and have lots of equipment. I'm grateful to Behringer for making gear that sounds great, lasts and has the sounds and effects in a price range that encourages me try it out, use it and appreciate their efforts.

I have EQ's, Sound Exciters, Effects, Foot controllers and a bunch of other Behringer gear that has lasted for quite a while including stomp boxes. Considering the money I've spent, I can't complain about anything that Behringer makes, and I appreciate their tenacity in a difficult business that harbors its full share of snobs, detractors, and opinionators.

Not very simple and quick to use, but if you're looking for something flexible and customizable with a lot of parameters to change, here you have at least 8 different parameters for each effect the last 2 are always the bass and high equalization. For this reason you will always need with you the list with the names and position of the parameters associated to each effect even if the first four letters of the parameter name appear on the display when you start moving a knob.

Sound Quality : 6. However for the price it costs, it's a good buy. Apart the reverbs, also the quality of the distortions and equalizations seem to me good. Reliability : 8.

Customer Support : No Opinion Never used before. Overall Rating : 6. Take into consideartion that it has 2 main defects: 1 you have available only 11 predefined combinations of effects, you can't have more e. This can be a problem if a song requires a quick change of effect For the price it costs it's a good buy, I suggest it if you want to experiment with different effects and you don't need a specific one or a high quality sound.

If you only need a compressor and a reverb, I suggest to buy 2 specific units. Nothing's as easy to use a floor full of pedals, so if you keep that in perspective, this one is reasonably easy. Once you master one multi-effect you pretty much know the game with the others, patches, banks, presets, algorithms that kind of stuff.

The manual is pretty good. Behringer gear always gives you a lot to read. Could be better, but there's a lot worse. One guy below suggested laminating the Effects list.

Not a bad idea, since you'll be referring to that a lot. I did some checking and the outlet had an open ground. Plugged it into a proper outlet, and hum was gone. I'm a little worried about that; it suggests that there's something shorting out inside the DSP For now the hum is gone, and unless you use one of the way-out effects, like Video Game, it's as silent as all Behringer products.

The manual for the DSP says to use it with a pre-amp, and you really have to take their word for it. It sucks without it. Not sure why. But once you take care of that, and really juice the input into the DSP it rewards you with heavenly sound.

Effects Like I said, if you've been around the block, you know that when you buy a multi-effect you'll get about 10 cool effects along with ones that make your guitar sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks my Boss BR actually includes that effect I have to believe that the engineers were smoking weed when they put that in there.

This means that right next to a kick-axe effect like "Soft Tube" on the behringer, there's "Robot. Where does this leave you?

Same goes with multi-effect boxes. Now here's an interesting thing that almost makes me want to eat my words: on the DSP, there's a preset called "Synth Heaven. That's what I was thinking, but one day I accidentally was playing through that setting I thought it was one of the more reasonable or useful presets , and I swear, that is one cool tone. It's not a heavy "synth" whatever that is anyway sound. It's more like a very subtle Flange.

Layer that with a touch of Phaser though you gotta use another box for that , and you've got really close to SRV, and I'm usually not one who goes coveting the tones of others. Since this thing has a zillion effects settings which can be edited to suit your persuasion, and since MANY of them are really, really useful, I'll rank it high on this scale.

I know people like to rip on Behringer. But I've never had any probs with their gear. I don't gig, so I don't have to worry about the possibility that beer will get spilled on it. More like I'll dump my cereal bowl on it.


Behringer Virtualizer Pro

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