Don't Delay, Try for Free Today! Have you just landed a construction project? Good for you! AIA is an organization that provides resources to architects and helps maintain billing standards in the construction industry.

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Don't Delay, Try for Free Today! Have you just landed a construction project? Good for you! AIA is an organization that provides resources to architects and helps maintain billing standards in the construction industry. In fact, the organization established what is known as the AIA billing system, which is an invoicing and payment method that uses forms it created, such as the G There are construction jobs that are referred to as AIA projects because contractors must use the AIA billing method throughout their project.

When you take on these jobs, you need the G Now, the G, which is called a Continuation Sheet, breaks down every aspect of the job line by line. It includes line items for everything ranging from labor to materials. You use this form to document the cost of each item and track the progress of the project. The construction industry is a competitive field. Your ability to get work depends on the bids you submit for the projects. The three parties typically involved in this billing method include 1.

Contractors 2. Architects 3. He or she submits it to an architect, who reviews the charges. If everything looks up to par, the architect certifies the payment by signing the document.

Although AIA documents, like the G, are originally intended to protect the best interest of architects, these forms help ensure that the billing practices comply with construction industry standards. For example, it may open doors for you to grab those government-funded projects and other huge gigs. The G benefits project owners as well because it keeps them updated on the job status and allows them to pay contractors on a monthly basis. The form comes in handy when you need to provide monthly status updates to the project owner.

If keeping the lines of communication open between you and the owner is a top priority, then you definitely need the G One of the benefits of using this document is that it increases the likelihood of you collecting payment for all your hard work.

This is good news when you need payments on a regular basis rather than waiting for a lump sum after the project is complete. Finally, it gives you a competitive edge when it comes to bidding on large, higher-paying construction jobs. This paperwork makes it clear to all parties what they can expect throughout the construction process. Over- or under-billing 2. Payment delays 3. Pricing disputes 4. If anything, it can save you time, money and stress. It functions as a system of checks and balances that keeps contractors, architects, and owners all on the same financial page.

The bottom line is this: when everyone is kept up to speed, things run a lot smoother. Follow along as we walk you through what you need to do for every billing period:. Our software makes quick work of file conversion from your PDF. Just upload a PDF to get started! Get Started Now. The best way to document change orders is to list them on a separate AIA Document G or basic schedule.

Redlining occurs when architects or project owners adjust the charges on the G When this happens contractors must change and resubmit their G and G documents. Let's get started. These cookies only collect personal data when you opt in to the PDF editor.


AIA Store - G732-2009 Application and Cert. for Payment.

Who wants the architect to decide that less work was done? However, if the architect chooses "B", to return it to you for correction, that'll put a serious slowdown on the process. Chances are you could be kicked into the next invoice period with no payment for this current period. The G, which must be used with the G, breaks the the contract down into portions of work using a schedule of values that is included in the general conditions. The form also allows the architect to certify an amount that is different from the amount you invoiced for.


Create flexible contractor payment schedules.



AIA Document G703 Complete in Seconds with PDFSimpli.



AIA G703 - Form Template


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