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Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. January edited January in Road buying advice. I'm planning on buying a Canyon CF Ultimate 9. I'm not sure whether to commit just now in time for the new season or wait until the TdF when they have their sale. I read on previous threads about some good discounts during the sale but I'm not sure if the best deals are or frames or complete bikes.

I know there's no guarantee that they will have a sale this year and if they do it will be the same discounts but can anyone help give me an idea of the discounts that were available on complete bikes in ? Mccaria Posts: January edited January Evil Laugh Posts: 1, January Hang on, I'm having a look for my crystal ball From what I can make out its tricky getting a price at the moment, UK prices seem to change on a daily basis which seems to be linked to what the currency is doing, not sure if anyone has noticed this!!

Allez Brompton Krypton T Never tell her how much it costs Pricing in euros is one thing but changing your GBP price everyday because of daily changes in the exchange rate is crazy! That said it at least helps me with my timing on when to buy! PeterBL Posts: You would be billed in euros anyway, wouldn't you? So in reality, the price does change every day.

I don't think that's the case in the UK anymore. The Other McHoy Posts: The discount lasted for a while, it wasn't a "one-day only" offer, although it was tied into the team's performance at the TdF. I think they released a certain number of bikes per good showing and when they were sold, they were sold. The Citecs are good wheels and perfectly suitable for everyday training. Still not sure about the missing cap on the headset, too many people insist in sticking their fingers down it.

By the way, anyone here got experience on tightening the I-Lock headset? I got gargled instructions in poorly translated English from Canyon. I removed the handlebars to take out one of the spacers and the cone which I thought played a part in tightening the headset wasn't tight at all.

I kept an eye on their "sparbuch" sale last time it came round November? Don't know if that's just the different timing or if supply and demand were different then. I've got my eye on an Ultimate CF 8. The Other McHoy There is a very and I mean very small allen key screw on the headset that you tighten as you tighten the stem. There are instructions on the website or in the manual. Mccaria wrote:. OK - following on from above. I took everything off again and redid it and this time everything is snug.

The conical part has an upper and lower part. When you turn the 2mm allen key, it raises the upper part which then eliminates any space between it, the spacers and the stem.

Headset now is secure with no play. Sign In or Register to comment.


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Canyon Owners Club. Previous Page Next Page. Post Message. Author Message. MerlynGrigg wrote: Hi All, New to Canyon and the Forum although I have been watching for updates on the SS debacle as I recently found myself in a position to afford a new toy, so opted for the Strive Team and now find myself in the same position as so many others. Long story short


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