What are the main ideas of this story? Support your claim with evidence from the story. I think the main idea of this story is the country which Jerry lived may have overpopulation problem and the government use a cruel way to kill people in the carnival in order to control population. We can see some clues from this story.

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ENG Scrapbook Proj. The Carnival by Michael Fedo Creative theme exploration. Summary: The story is about a boy named jerry who won a ticket to go to the carnival from school. Jerry was super excited. The carnival was sponsored by the government agency "Populace Control" actually a clever way to handle a population problem that began in the 21st century over populating the planet. Although the rides were fun you had a high risk of being killed. Unfortunately hes hopes of being cool cam to and end when we was launched out from a ride called the Whirl-Away and came crashing down on the hard pavement and ceased to exist.

Theme: The theme in the short story is, never gamble your life because the odds are never in your favor. I believe this is a major theme in the story is because it what the population is doing when they go to the carnival.

They gamble their life for second of excitement which is a terrible payoff. Characters: Jerry- a 16 year old boy who is eager to get on some rides and gamble his life. Woman on the bus- This woman is really depressed,doesnt take care of herself and wants to go to the carnival to commit suicide. Carnival worker- works at the carnival on the Thunder Clapper ride and tells Jerry what his odds of surviving today are. Setting: The way I picture the short story is in an old fashioned carnival with creepy clowns and dim to no lighting due to old light bulbs that are broken or hardly working with faded paint on all the rides.

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The Carnival (short story)

It was published among other short stories, in the book Marjorie L. Burns How to Read a Short Story Scholastic language skills. Scholastic Book Services. The story concerns a nation that constructs a deadly amusement park to remedy its overpopulation problems. In charge of this operation is the Populace Control. People who win a ticket are sent to the carnival on a bus; cars would become a problem as many visitors do not return.


Michael Fedo

Adventures of a Midlist Author July 31, Tags: I've never written anything approximating a best-seller. Adventures of a Midlist Author As a writer of more than 50 years experience, I have never written anything approximating a best-seller. Only three of my nine published books have earned back their advance. And only one of those advances has reached five figures. In author-speak, this is called mid-list. When my biography of Garrison Keillor was published back in , I heard that the sales division of St.

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