PDF , 3. Extract from the document. CC is 2. CC provides the wireless control function including 16 steps dimmer and various flashing modes.

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Up until now firmware for the device had to be pushed in with a GoodFET or TI proprietary programmer which was quite slow. And there is an upgrade mode available at power up.

Instruction for use are included in the Github repo linked at the top. The bot itself is a utilitarian build with a gripper based on this Thingiverse project. The watch connects to the bot wirelessly thanks to a CC development board which relays communications to the on-board Arduino through a serial connection.

These dongles come along with the pink pager that has become a popular low-cost hacking platform. It looks like reprogramming the Cypress chip is a no-go, so he went to work on the CC The inter-chip communications data that he acquired by sniffing the SPI lines gave him all he needed to reimplement the protocol using his own firmware. As a proof of concept he to reflashed the CC and can now send and receive arbitrary commands from the dongle.

A small, cheap spectrum analyzer with an LCD can be a fun thing to play with. But to be truly usefully you need access to raw data, and lots of it. The two of them are giving a lecture at Toorcon 12 called Real Men Carry Pink Pagers and this will be used as a demonstration device.

From there it was a matter of working out the timing for grabbing the data, and coding a method for storing it. It seems that if you know what you are doing, and have abundant patience, you can use this for a bit of old-fashioned reverse engineering. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Learn more. Search Search for:.


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