We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. Because of their small size, cells encounter fundamentally different physical constraints when they want to move in their surrounding media than when aquatic animals want to move in water. For cells, external viscosity is the main resistance while inertia plays almost no role; then in order to move, cells will have to produce continually a force against the viscous media.

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View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: IV - Cils et flagelles. Tags: cils flagelles. Latest Highest Rated. Longitudinal A and transverse B tomographic slices through flagella are shown dashed line in B indicates the location of A.

A Dynein motor domains, white arrows. B Top flagellum is viewed from the proximal end bottom flagellum is opposite, with doublets labeled 1 and 5 PM, plasma membrane. C , D , inset in D , F , and G are cross sections, viewed from the distal end. C Slice through an average of repeats the dashed line defines the orientation of E. D Surface rendering of C and D inset with interpretive coloring. The hook-shaped tail T, red of the more central DHC connects the dynein head 1, blue area with At densities near the At connection resemble the DC white area.

The tail of the peripheral DHC 2, blue area is obscured by the IL green area , but relative positions suggest that it is part of the connection to At via the tail of the more central DHC. Note the stalk projecting from 2 toward Bt inset, arrowhead. F Slice through average of repeats RS, radial spokes. Dashed blue line, orientation of H dashed green line, orientation of Fig.

G Volume rendering of F. Note the nexin link N and OID linker white arrowhead. Note the asymmetric, ring-shaped dynein motors the middle head is visibly heptameric and parts of the OOD linker white arrowheads. A cross-sectional view from the distal end A and longitudinal views B to F with the proximal end at left are shown.

A Slice through an average of doublets. The slice orientation is similar to that in Fig. Dashed red line, orientation of slice in B dashed yellow line, orientation of slice in C. Longitudinal slices A , B , and E and volume renderings C and D are viewed from the B tubule of the adjacent doublet, with the proximal end on the left the orientation of A and B is indicated by the dashed green line in Fig. The I1 complex dashed red circles or red areas is missing in the mutant I1. It terminates on the A tubule close to RS2, but branches near the B tubule arrowheads in F at tips of the branches.

Nexin zigzags between the A tubule and the bifurcation point. F is a longitudinal slice at the position of the yellow arrowhead in I. J and K MT doublet with protofilaments 1 to 13 of At, but only protofilaments 9 to 11 of the Bt tubule. MIP3 is still present, suggesting that it may enhance the stability of protofilaments 9 to 11 of this tubule. The dotted yellow line in J indicates the orientation of the slice in K. The image quality of the partial doublet is lower than that of other averages because there were no other doublets with similar protofilament losses at other orientations relative to the missing wedge to help compensate for the missing information the anisotropy of the resolution is obvious, especially along the z axis horizontal in J.

A and C are viewed from the distal end in B and D , the proximal end is at left. These seem to form supporting structures around the ODA complexes.

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Le cytosquelette - Transport des organites limit s par une membrane R gulation de l'activit des moteurs Contraction musculaire Mouvement des cils et flagelles I A PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view.

Parasitologie Cytoplasme - Organites assurant des fonctions sp cifiques qui servent maintenir Certains organites sont d limit s par une membrane de composition semblable Parasitologie - Structure proche de celle de la cellule eucaryote des m tazoaires Anneau polaire : entoure l'extr mit ant rieure et sert de moule aux microtubules. Le vivant - Contr le les changes entre le Le temps de division peut tre Caract ristiques des procaryotes Caract ristiques des procaryotes Une paroi cell Sciences et Technologie - Sciences et Technologie La cellule Organes Formes de diff rents types de tissus Travaillent ensemble pour une fonction sp cifique Ex.

Les organites et leurs fonctions Bact L - action au cours de la r plication de l 'ADN. Efficacit bact riologique identique l 'augmentin. Hypogammaglobulin mie commune variable: maladie g n tique, adulte Parasitologie - locomotion par reptation locomotion gr ce parasites intracell. Il faut que chacun prenne conscience de cette situation et agisse.

Les parties des cellules - Les parties des cellules Chacune d'elle a un r le d fini; Il existe plusieurs types de cellules, chacune destin e une activit particuli re. La scissiparit est le mode de division habituel des cellules procaryotes Les rem - www. Diapositive 1 - Cliquez svp.. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? It's FREE!


Bases mol├ęculaires du mouvement flagellaire

Par E. Faure-Fremiet 1 Estimated H-index: 1. Find in Lib. Add to Collection. References Citations 50 Cite. Fine structure and morphogenesis in Protozoa. Read Later.


IV - Cils et flagelles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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