This product has been archived. Sharp resolution captures the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements. NIKKOR lenses are built on a proud heritage of producing precision camera optics that delivers superb color and razor-sharp results. Nikon's comprehensive digital imaging processing concept incorporates the know-how and technologies accumulated throughout our long history of photographic and digital imaging development. Incredible, Bright 2.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Nikon digital camera user's manual coolpix s50 pages. X" User's Manual Apical Limited. Should the insulation or to excessive heat.

Page 6 When connecting cables to the input Should the monitor break, :are should and outputjacks, use only the cables provided or sold by Nikon for the be taken to avoid injury caused by purpose, to maintain compliance with broken glass and to prevent liquid prod uct regulations. Page 7 This equipment generates, uses,and are not expressly approved by Nikon can radiate radio frequency energy Corporation may void the user's and, if not installed and used in authority to operate the equipment.

Information and Precautions Parts of the Camera The Camera Body The Monitor Basic Operations The [] Playbacb Button Step 2 Frame a Picture Using the Zoom Step 3 Focus and Shoot Page 11 More on Playback Taking a Closer Look: Playback Zoom Editing Pictures Enhancing Brightness and Contrast: D-Lighting Creating a Cropped Copy: Crop Resizing Pictures: Small Picture Voice Memos: Recording and Playback Recording Movies The M ovie Menu Selecting Movie Options Electronic VR Autofocus mode Time-Lapse Movies Movie Playback Deleting Movie Files Voice Recordings Making Voice Recordings Playing Voice Recordings Shooting Options: The S hooting Menu Displaying the Shooting Menu I mage Mode Color Options Distortion Control Page 14 Technical Notes Approved Memory Cards Caring for the Camera Error Messages Supported Standards This manual was written to help you enjoy taking pictures with your Nikon digital camera.

Read this manual thoroughly before use, and keep it where all those who use the product will read it. Page Notices Notice Concerning Prohibition of Copying or Reproduction Note that simply being in possession of material that was digitally copied or reproduced by means of a scanner, digital camera or other device may be punishable by law.

Eyelet for camera strap Power-on lamp Power switch Lens cover AF-assist illuminator Page G-' P.. MI:NU button Page The Monitor The Monitor Tile following indicators may appear in tile monitor during shooting and playback actual display varies with current camera settings. Tile information on indicators in tile monitor during shooting and playback will display only for a few seconds Add to favorites guide Time of recording Movie playback indicator Volume indicator Print-order icon Page Basic Operations The [] Playback Button Press [] once in shooting mode to enter playback mode; press again to switch back to shooting mode.

Page The Mufti Sdector The Multi Selector This section describes standard uses of the multi selector to select modes, select menu options and to apply selection. To exit the menu display, press MENUagain. Displayed when the menu contains two or more pages. Displayed when there are one or more menu items The selected option.

Continuous Shutter-release Button Tile camera features a two-stage shutter-release Charge the battery with the Battery Charger MH supplied before first use or when the battery is running low. It is recommended to charge the battery within six months after it is first used Page Charging The Battery Battery error. Unplug charger remove battery immediately and take both devices to retailer or Nikon-authorized service representative. Unplug the charger. Remove the battery unplug the charger.

Press the power switch to turn on the camera. Page 31 S Change the date and time. If a memory card is inserted in the camera, pictures are automatically stored on the memory card and pictures recorded to the memory card can be played Tile card :an then removed hand. When [the image mode menu. Hold the camera steadily in both hands, keeping your fingers and other objects away from the lens, flash and self-timer lamp. When taking pictures in "tall" orientation, turn the camera so that the built-in flash is above the lens.

Page 37 Digital Zoom When tile optical zoom is set at tile telephoto end, i. The subject is magnified up to a max. The focus area is not displayed when digital zoom is in effect, and focus will be in the :enter of the screen. When people's faces front view are recognized: Camera will focus on the face surrounded by a double border. Once focus has been locked the double border will glow green. The last picture taken will be displayed in fu]Pframe playback mode.

Page 41 Playback Mode The following options are available in full frame playback mode. Page Using The Flash The flash has a range of 0.

S m With maximum optical zoom applied, the range is 0. The following flash modes are available. Page 43 "red eye. When using the self-timer, use of a tripod is recommended. The stir-rimer menu is displayed. Page Macro Mode Macro mode i sused for t aking pictures ofobjects as :lose as 10 cm 3. Note that t he flash m ay b eunable tolight entire subject atdistances ofless than 3 0 cm


Nikon COOLPIX S560 User Manual

Nikon Coolpix S Manual is aimed to fulfill the needs toward information of both technical or instrumental issue among this digital camera product especially for Nikon Coolpix S This model has a 2. It is offers a 10MP sensor, 5x zoom lens and a 2. ISO sensitivities as high as , and a Nikkor-branded 5x optical zoom lens yielding a Nikon Coolpix S is a good choice for anyone who wants an easy to use camera that delivers good-looking pictures with pleasing color and plenty of resolution. It was announced by Nikon on January, This manual has been written to help you enjoy taking pictures with your Nikon digital camera especially of Coolpix S models.


COOLPIX S560 Camera Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Nikon digital camera user's manual coolpix s50 pages.

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