The average number of employees for each category of staff over the mid period is indicated on the diagram. AIM conducts programs concerning two of the four science themes of Irfu: energy content of the Universe and structuration of the Universe. Participating in the realization of an instrument gives us an expert knowledge of it, which allows us to participate in interesting part of the ground-segment and then to be in the best position to exploit it; most often, our participation in the instrumentation brings guaranteed observing time, which benefits the scientists of the laboratory, closing the loop. The scientific strategic followed by AIM is a multi-wavelengths and multi-scales study of the Universe.

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Collaborations toujours en cours. Taillades; Superviseur chimie physico-organique: Dr R. Pascal et Dr L. Boiteau; Superviseur chimie analytique: Dr H. Jury : Dr L. Boiteau, Dr H.

Cottet, Pr J. Martinez president , Dr J-C. Plaquevent rapporteur , Pr J. Taillades et Pr M. Taverna rapporteur. Co-supervision O. Mousis LAM. Chemical evolution in interstellar and cometary ice analogues. GC-orbitrap as organic matter analyzer for future space missions. GC-MS analyses of volatile organic compounds analyses coming from cometary ice analogs. Master 2. Organic matter in astrophysical environments from volatile organic compounds to refractory residues. Licence 3. GC-MS optimization for volatile organic compound analyses.

GC-MS analyses of volatile organic compound coming from cometray analogs. Implication for the Rosetta mission. Activating agent in prebiotic chemistry for the C-terminal eleongation of oligopeptides. Aminoacetonitrile formation through the Strecker reaction at the surface of interstellar grains. Carbodiimides as activating agents of -COOH.

Danger PIIM. Gargaud, en collaboration avec S. Bontemps, A. Crida, G. Danger, E. Javaux, M. Lopez-Garcia, H. Martin, J. Miot, D. Moreira et P. Laboratory experiments to unveil the molecular reactivity occurring during the processing of ices in the protosolar nebula. Mousis, F. Duvernay, V. Vuitton, L. Flandinet, R.

Thissen, F. Orthous-Daunay, A. Ruf, T. Chiavassa, L. On the conditions for mimicking natural selection in chemical systems. Danger, L. Sensitivity and resolution optimization in gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry analyses of volatile organic compounds present in vacuum environment.

Abou Mrad, J. Mouzay, S. Werner, G. Mousis, C. Glein, G. Danger, J. The challenging detection of nucleobases from pre-accretional astrophysical ice analogs.

Ruf, J. Lange, B. Eddhif, C. Geffroy, L. Poinot, G. Organosulfur compounds formed by sulfur ion bombardment of astrophysical ice analogs - implications for moons, comets, and Kuiper belt objects. Ruf, A. Bouquet, P. Boduch, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, V. Vinogradoff, F. Duvernay, R. Giovanni Urso, R.

Brunetto, L. Mousis, G. Radical-assisted polymerization in interstellar ice analogues: formyl radical and polyoxymethylene.

Butscher, F. Danger, R. Torro, G. Lucas, Y. Carissan, D. Hagebaum-Reignier, T. DOI: Poinot , C. Geffroy , L. Ronnet, JI. Lunine, A. Luspay-Kuti, KE. Mandt, G. Danger, F. Pauzat, Y. Ellinger, P. Wurz, P. Vernazza, L. Ronnet, J.

Lunine, R. Maggiolo, P. Wurz, G. Danger, and A. Bouquet, The Astrophysical Journal, , , Scientific rationale for Uranus and Neptune in situ explorations. Planetary and Space Science, , , Eddhif, A. Allavena, S. Liu, T.


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