When Matthew B. Crawford was a teenager living in Berkeley, Calif. Crawford was inclined to work with his hands, but wood would not do. Crawford needed to hear things gurgle and roar, and so it is perhaps not a surprise to learn that he grew up to own his own motorcycle repair shop. Crawford has a Ph. Crawford is an intellectual who can probably take you in a bar fight.

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Oct 16, Minutes Buy. On both economic and psychological grounds, author Matthew B. Using his own experience as an electrician and mechanic, Crawford presents a wonderfully articulated call for self-reliance and a moving reflection on how we can live concretely in an ever more abstract world. Matthew B. Crawford is a philosopher and mechanic.

He has a Ph. Skip Dr. Seuss, or a tie from Vineyard Vines, and give them a copy for graduation…. The book is also quirky, surprising, and sometimes quite moving. By making a powerful case for the enduring value of the manual trades, Shop Class as Soulcraft offers a bracing alternative to the techno-babble that passes for conventional wisdom, and points the way to a profoundly necessary reconnection with the material world. No one who cares about the future of human work can afford to ignore this book.

He is a sharp theorist, a practicing mechanic, and a captivating writer. Crawford offers a stunning indictment of the modern workplace, detailing the many ways it deadens our senses and saps our vitality. Better still, Crawford points in the direction of a richer, more fulfilling way of life. This is a book that will endure. With wit and humor, the author deftly mixes the details of his own experience as a tradesman and then proprietor of a motorcycle repair shop with more philosophical considerations.

He reminds readers that in the s vocational education shop class started to become a thing of the past as U. The result is inspired social criticism and deep personal exploration.

Crawford By Matthew B. Add to Cart. Also available from:. Available from:. Paperback —. Audiobook Download. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Listen to a sample from Shop Class as Soulcraft. About Matthew B. Crawford Matthew B. Product Details.

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Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, They Ride Hogs Over It

Matthew B. Crawford, who owns and operates a motorcycle repair shop in Richmond, Va. There are two things wrong with this notion, according to Crawford. The first is that it radically undervalues blue-collar work that involves the manipulation of things rather than ideas. Expertise with things permits human beings to have agency over their lives — that is, their ability to exert some control over the myriad faucets, outlets and engines that they depend on from day to day.


Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work

Jeffrey Brown speaks with philosopher, author and motorcycle-repair shop owner Matthew B. Crawford about the fulfillment found in building and fixing things, which he details in the new book "Shop Class as Soulcraft. And, finally tonight, in praise of working with your hands. Jeffrey Brown has our Labor Day book conversation. Crawford runs a motorcycle repair shop in Richmond, Virginia. Before that, he briefly headed a think tank in Washington. And he got a Ph.

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