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Skip to content AutoBody Contact Us click here. Store Front Forums Info Center. Click here to purchase Tamco Primers and Clearcoats. Change font size. Make yourself at home Jibha Jibha's Profile. Posted: Wed Jan 12, am. I was unable to find the tech page, but the closest seems to be simply DBU. Anyway, it says to mix Anybody know what that means? Again, the tech sheet says nothing about what kind of reducer to use, if any.

This particular saleguy says he doesn't read instructions, just does what works. Hope I've been clear enough. I'll check for adhesion, bubbles and any other defects, but is there anything I should be looking for to see if my system is a go so far? As usual, all feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks, Joe.

Big Jim Big Jim's Profile. Follow the spec sheet to the letter. The is just a color code. You shouldn't need to reduce your clear in most cases. I hope they also sold you the appropriate hardner for the clear. Also, find another salesman. That guy is just full of it.

Posts: Joined: Sun Jan 09, am Location: pennsylvania. Posted: Sun Jan 16, pm. I think that the salesman told you to mix it instead of Omni is their cheapo brand, and it will stick just fine to the base, but it won't look or spray out nearly as well as the good ppg clear. Also, the is the "fast" reducer I think, and unless your just painting a small part, you're going to have some problems with dry spray and die back.

If I'm painting the whole car, I'd use at least the "slow reducer". If where your painting is so cold you need the fast stuff, I'd consider waiting until it's warmer. You know what? If you're throwing some bucks into this paint job, I'm not so sure I wouldn't spend a little more and get some better clearcoat. Posted: Mon Jan 17, am. You know, I just answered your question and didn't think about the whole package.

Fumesniffer is right. Spend you money on the clear. If you were trying to save a few bucks, use the Omni base and the PPG clear. I think they sold you bas ackwards. Posted: Fri Jan 21, am. Read the post again and you asked what a groundcoat and a midcoat is. This is referring to a three-stage paint system, which I don't think you're using.

The groundcoat is the base coat. The midcoat is a pearl coat that you put over the basecoat but under the clear. Three stages. Posted: Sat Jul 02, am. Polyurethane Clear- 1qt - H. Hardener 8 oz. What else do I need? JOE how did your project end up??????? PPG likes to use this for pearl, or kandy factory pack refinishing paint, because of film thickness on tri coats mix the DBU with the DRR redeucer, and shoot it like a basecoat or if you are shooting a tri coat, mix the ground coat , and the mid coat 1: 1.

I have it on my personal motorcycle, and after five years sometimes in the sun for days at a time, and with very little care from me, it's holding up JUST as well as my other motorcycle Norton P , which has HOK UFC clear. Posted: Thu Jul 07, am. I agree with reckon OMNI clear is an excellent clear. I've used Omni products for several of my own projects as well. I now use all omni products because the quality is excellent. Advertisements by Advertisement Management. Posted: Sun Jan 16, pm I think that the salesman told you to mix it instead of Posted: Sun Jan 16, pm You know what?

Posted: Mon Jan 17, am You know, I just answered your question and didn't think about the whole package. Posted: Fri Jan 21, am Read the post again and you asked what a groundcoat and a midcoat is. Jorge H. Posted: Thu Jul 07, am I agree with reckon


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