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Print Download. Examples: Cancer AND drug name. Pneumonia AND sponsor name. How to search [pdf]. For these items you should use the filters and not add them to your search terms in the text field. Print Download Summary. Review by the Competent Authority or Ethics Committee in the country concerned. As of 1. EU Clinical Trials Register. Search tools. Select Date Range: to.

Select Rare Disease:. IMP with orphan designation in the indication. Orphan Designation Number:. Results Status: Trials with results Trials without results. Clear advanced search filters. Date on which this record was first entered in the EudraCT database:. Use of acupuncture for the reduction of hospital admissions in the induction of labor due to chronologically prolonged gestation.

Title of the trial for lay people, in easily understood, i. Use of acupuncture in the induction labor. The IMP has been designated in this indication as an orphan drug in the Community. Committee on Advanced therapies CAT has issued a classification for this product. Combination product that includes a device, but does not involve an Advanced Therapy. This Clinical Trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of acupuncture to promote labor in pregnant women who need an induction at birth and thus be able to give answers to all these women who are increasingly seeking these therapies, such as acupuncture, pregnancy and Childbirth together with usual medical practice.

This Clinical Trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of acupuncture to promote labor in pregnant women who need an induction labor. To evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture for the reduction of the rate of programmed admissions in medicalized inductions in low- and medium-risk pregnant women between w.

As well as treatment doses for drug induction at delivery. To know the degree of satisfaction of the women of both groups. Low- and medium-risk term pregnant women not including pregnant women under age 18, grade I heart disease, high multiparity, and insufficient gestational control between w. Pregnant women who do not want to participate in the project.

Mujeres embarazadas que no quieren participar en el proyecto. Difference in hours between scheduled income and actual income. Bishop's Test. Short-term variability and the presence or absence of transient ascents, before performing the treatment with acupuncture and 60 'post-treatment.

Before performing the treatment with acupuncture and 60 'post-treatment. Foley catheter, Misoprothol, Dinoprostone, Oxytocin. Foley probe time if this method is used for cervical maturation if acupuncture induction fails in minutes. Premature rupture of membranes RPM means the rupture of the ovular membranes before the onset of labor, with the consequent release of amniotic fluid.

Minor postpartum haemorrhage HPP is defined as a hemorrhagic loss between and ml with no clinical signs of shock ml. Test de Bishop. Sonda Foley, Misoprotol, Dinoprostona, Oxitocina. The trial involves single site in the Member State concerned. Definition of the end of the trial and justification where it is not the last visit of the last subject undergoing the trial. This Clinical Trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of acupuncture to promote labor in pregnant women who need an induction at birth.

Plans for treatment or care after the subject has ended the participation in the trial if it is different from the expected normal treatment of that condition. The intention of this study is to try to get a term in a greater number of the mayor of women, thus avoiding the prolonged pregnancies and the maternal-fetal complications that can appear. Likewise, the percentage of inductions given to prolonged gestation, which may involve high health costs days of hospital admission, visits, tests, etc.


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