No product is perfect, but the Edge certainly is easier to use than my other video processor, the XRGB3. If you are unfamiliar with video processors in general, start there. You can also obtain firmware and user manuals from this page. The Edge is of interest to video-gamers as it works with most types of input signal including the p and p signals that retro-consoles from the bit era commonly use. It can vastly improve the quality of your retro-consoles on your new flat screen TV and can even be of use to PS3 and owners.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Serial and ir automation specifications and programming guide 68 pages. High Voltages are present inside the enclosure which present an electrical shock hazard. Arques Avenue Sunnyvale, California It does this using patented picture processing technologies to remove picture noise and other artifacts image errors , and does this automatically.

Shown below are some of the main buttons and their functions. These are covered in more detail in Section 3. Power Off Power On Page Installation Guidelines Do.

EDGE GREEN switches audio and video signals, and provides image processing to match the incoming video formats to the preferred format of the The source components may use a variety of different signal formats and cabling. HDMI version 1. HDMI is the only input that carries both video and audio. Reset does not change user settings. If Reset is used, it should be pressed and released quickly less than 2 seconds.

The reset button will also restore factory defaults. If the reset button is pressed and held, the front panel LED will blink for about 5 seconds.

The Display Wizard assists setup of your TV and your audio. Using Display Wizard, you can 1. Select an output video format. If you want to change the output format, press Right Arrow to go to the Output Format screen, shown below. Select an audio output connector. You have 4 choices for audio output: A. Auto: Default setting.

You can override this automatic selection with the remote control. You can run the Input Wizard for every input component. Using the Input Wizard, you may 1. If your source component does not These Input Select Buttons will The Menus are logically organized to make control and setup easy while using just a few remote buttons. Think of the Main Menu screen as the leftmost or highest in the hierarchy. Right Arrow moves to the next screen until you reach a screen where you can make changes.

It is the gateway that lets you quickly navigate to the function you want to control. Using Automatic Switching, you switch inputs by simply powering on a component. Remember that when you use manual select, you are disabling Auto Select. As the picture magnifies, the area around the edges becomes invisible off the sides, top, and bottom of your display.

Press EXIT to exit menus. The original aspect ratio is not maintained using this control. As you move around, you expose parts of the picture that were not visible because the picture was zoomed. Aspect Ratio controls apply to the currently selected input. Each input has its own independent Aspect Ratio setting. When you change input, aspect ratio may change. Panorama is also known as non-linear stretch, or stretch. Page Aspect Ratio Settings Select this mode when the picture aspect ratio is but the active format aspect ratio of the input image has a or larger aspect ratio.

Some older DVDs are encoded in this manner. The set of Picture Controls available are briefly described below: Brightness Adjusts the level of black level. Contrast Adjust the level of white Video brightness controls work by changing the level of the black. When you make an adjustment to brightness, all levels of brightness, from black to peak white, are shifted up or down.

When you make a change to a picture control, the change applies only to the currently selected video input. An example of mosquito noise in a TV weather report is shown on the left side of the next page.

The same image with Mosquito Noise Reduction applied is shown on the right side of the next page. Mosquito noise appears most obviously around the text, both in the white areas and in the darker areas around the edges of the text. The image on the right is the same image processed using Mosquito Noise Reduction to remove mosquito noise.

Output Format: Output format refers to the resolution and scanning scheme progressive or interlaced and frame rate of the output. Page Settings: Audio: Associate Audio And Video Inputs When you choose an audio input on this screen, you are associating that input with the currently selected video input. Use the Arrow keys to move the highlighted character around on the keyboard.

For most viewing this delay is not a problem, but if you are playing video games that require quick response on your game controls, the delay can be noticeable and annoying. Use this option if you want EDGE to remain powered down even if input signals become active. Note: To use this control, you must first select the Component Input, otherwise, this menu item will be grayed out.

Most component inputs will have sync on the Y signal and should use Single Sync. In addition to Auto, users can select p, p, or VGA. Page Test Patterns Section4 :Advanced Controls Test Patterns There are 35 test patterns available, for advanced users and calibration professionals.

These patterns automatically resize, and use the correct colorimetry for the current output format. Test patterns are useful for calibration of your setup. This avoids performing frame rate conversion, which can result in stuttering motion in some cases. The Frame Rate feature is useful when you need to display video from both 60Hz and 50Hz sources, as long as your video display can operate at both frame rates.

Page Underscan Section4 :Advanced Controls Underscan Some displays will overscan the picture, which means that the edges of the picture are outside the frame of the viewable area. The Underscan slider-bar control lets you shrink the picture, so that you can see all of it, and adjust for over-scanning.

Underscan is a display control. ITU BT. The video industry evolved levels that allowed for some guard band in the signal levels to account for overshoot or other signaling problems. The computer industry evolved levels that allocate the entire dynamic range possible for the image information. Video Levels refer to the dynamic range of the video signals themselves. Deinterlacing is a complex processing technology that has a significant impact on image quality.

If this window was entered from the p selection in the previous window, then PReP will be enabled when AUTO is selected and the input format is p. The only downside to enabling Hot Plug Source is that switching could be a little slower due to the time it takes to re-authenticate. This control was put into the Main Menu to allow quick access.

Film: Biases the detection toward film. EDGE can compensate for this problem in the source signal by shifting the phase of luma with respect to chroma.

The default setting is 0. This new slider bar control is available in the Picture Controls menu. The user can now control the duration of the timeout. This control is available in the Settings menu. This control is available in the Advanced Controls menu.

This feature works with digital audio coax and optical sources. An internet connected PC or Macintosh computer. This cable is commonly used to connect digital cameras to computers. After the file has been copied, unplug the USB cable.

Unplug the USB cable. Use it to connect from the analog component output of a source to a Component input of your Edge Green. Page RCA cables are also used to transport digital audio signals. The Black and White cables connect to H and V. Look for H and V labels on the cable; Use the lowest numbered cable on the list to achieve optimum video quality.

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DVDO Edge User Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Setup Manual. Table of Contents. Serial and ir automation specifications and programming guide 68 pages. Sections 2 through 4 describe new features in firmware version 1. This cable is commonly used to connect digital cameras to computers. A tool for pressing the reset button on EDGE.


DVDO EDGE Green Installazione



DVDO Edge Video Processor Review Summary


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