To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes a "Series" field. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. Works can belong to more than one series. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narnia , disagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series.

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Likely, I'll write a longer review tomorrow. One thing I thought of as I was wrapping up was how it looked like Sawyer intended to extend this series. In this final book, several new threads were introduced that might have made compelling sequels.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Hybrids by Robert J. Hybrids Neanderthal Parallax 3 by Robert J. Sawyer Goodreads Author. Sawyer introduced a character readers will never forget: Ponter Boddit, a Neanderthal physicist from a parallel Earth who was whisked from his reality into ours by a quantum-computing experiment gone awry - making him the ultimate stranger in a strange land.

In that book and in its sequel, Humans , Sawyer showed us the Neandertha. In that book and in its sequel, Humans , Sawyer showed us the Neanderthal version of Earth in loving detail - a tour de force of world-building; a masterpiece of alternate history. Now, in Hybrids , Ponter Boddit and his Homo sapiens lover, geneticist Mary Vaughan, are torn between two worlds, struggling to find a way to make their star-crossed relationship work. Aided by banned Neanderthal technology, they plan to conceive the first hybrid child, a symbol of hope for the joining of their two versions of reality.

But after an experiment shows that Mary's religious faith - something completely absent in Neanderthals - is a quirk of the neurological wiring of Homo sapiens brains, Ponter and Mary must decide whether their child should be predisposed to atheism or belief. Meanwhile, as Mary's Earth is dealing with a collapse of its planetary magnetic field, her boss, the enigmatic Jock Krieger, has turned envious eyes on the unspoiled Eden that is the Neanderthal world.

Hybrids is filled to bursting with Sawyer's signature speculations about alternative ways of being human, exploding our preconceptions of morality and gender, of faith and love. His Neanderthal Parallax trilogy is a classic in the making, and here he brings it to a stunning, thought-provoking conclusion that's sure to make Hybrids one of the most controversial books of the year. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

More Details Original Title. Neanderthal Parallax 3. Toronto, Ontario Canada. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Hybrids , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Hybrids Neanderthal Parallax, 3. I started my review of Hominids , the first book, by saying it was a pretty good start to the trilogy.

Not great, but pretty good, and ultimately a little disappointing because a Hugo-winner should be better than, well, pretty good. Not great, but, well, solid. The tender love scenes got a little too tender for me, veering into to gag-me-with-a-spoon territory. But the author certainly knows how to drive a plot, building and changing dynamic along the way. The rape of a main character, which I found so ill-used even inappropriately-used in the first book, finally leads to some interesting, if not entirely plausible, plot twists and some sort-of meaningful discussion about rape as a subject.

The overall idea I still found interesting, and I still love the use of the Neanderthal to provide incisive commentary on contemporary social and political topics, a la Michael Valentine in Stranger in a Strange Land. The commentary is not supposed to be subtle; like Mike the Martian, Ponter the Neanderthal lays his dumfounded criticism of our fucked-up world right out on the table for all to see.

I don't normally do this, but I could not finish this book. This book is literally the single worst SF book I have tried to read in a decade. The characters? Abysmal, cardboard cutouts who go on rants which last pages. Worse than Ayn Rand, worse than Arthur C. The ideas? Nothing new at all. Just more of the same. Neanderthals are smarter, nicer, more moral, and all-around-better than Homo Sapiens.

Their world is unspoiled, ours is a hell hole. The political ideas? It would benefit society to force-s I could not finish this book. Forced castration for certain crimes, along with sterilization of the criminal's family and children, for the good of the race.

Not to be trusted. Except for Phil Donohue? It is worth giving up privacy for the "freedom" this would give. Notably, even the characters in the book, the super-good-super-moral characters occasionally circumvent the surveillance when they judge that they have a good reason. This is a stupid stupid book, don't read it. View 1 comment. May 27, Leslie rated it did not like it.

This series started off with an interesting concept but proved to be totally repulsive. It's like the author crammed a bunch of- ill give him this- actual scientific theories together with awful plot lines and character dialogue making one huge awkward mess. This last one was by far the worst. I really don't see how an extremely uncomfortably graphic depiction of a woman's rape in the first book was remotely necessary, unless you count the ridiculous The most cringe worthy book I have EVER read.

I really don't see how an extremely uncomfortably graphic depiction of a woman's rape in the first book was remotely necessary, unless you count the ridiculous castration of the rapist leading to some kind of epiphany about the "cure" for violent urges in males being the removal of testosterone.

The beginning and middle of this one was really difficult to even continue reading, but, by the end some action finally happens and it's way too much all at once to even make me care about anything except the book finally ending.

Followed a couple times by an actual laugh of disbelief at the preposterous phrase in question. The author slams too many massive ideas together. Pretty much all the big aspects of humanity- religion, violence, global warming, loss, even biology and anthropology- are put into some kind of misguided attempt at questioning our entire existence and morality as a species.

If one or two were examined on a broad scale with decent character developments, it would be easier to digest and care about, but it's much too chaotic to take seriously.

The main character is full of contradictions- a die hard catholic that believes in everything Catholics are against and frequently uses phrases like "Jesus Christ! God damn it! That would normally make for an interesting plot development but its done in a completely non believable manner that is just arbitrary and ultimately a waste of time.

Do NOT spend money on any of these books. Yes, there were a few ideas that are pretty interesting, but they're lumped into this giant messy heap of characters and substories that just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It clearly begs the reader to question humanity and hold our species under a microscope but the only thing that ends up making me do that is the fact that somebody published these books.

Sorry this is kind of harsh but I really wish somebody had told me these things before I spent money on this. The conclusion to a bafflingly successful series. Meanwhile the Neaderthal utopia is a Nazi's dream, with hour surveillance, forced sterilization, and eugenics.

I'm still not sure if this is tongue in cheek or obliviousness. I would assume it was commentary but the heavy-handedness of the rape subplots lead to believe it may very well be straight up. E The conclusion to a bafflingly successful series. Edit: I forgot to mention the absolutely offensive and inaccurate discussion of affirmative action in academic hiring. Apparently in Canadian universities, brilliant white men can't get jobs. This causes them to become rapists.


Series: El Paralaje Neanderthal

The Neanderthal Parallax is a trilogy of novels written by Robert J. Sawyer and published by Tor. It depicts the effects of the opening of a connection between two versions of Earth in different parallel universes : the world familiar to the reader, and another where Neanderthals became the dominant intelligent hominid. The societal, spiritual and technological differences between the two worlds form the focus of the story.


The Neanderthal Parallax

This was just as enjoyable to read as Book 1 in the series Hominids , and very deftly carried the story along on a few expected paths but also a couple of surprising ones. Sawyer found in this world-building exercise a perfect framework on which to hang social commentary, and he does an amazing job of representing both viewpoints of us Homo sapiens and the other Neanderthals as the two cultures begin a deeper interaction. I have published a longer review on my website. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Hominidos. El paralaje Neanderthal.




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