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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Welcome to the show-down! Warning : No external canister filter is going to vacuum crud off the tank bottom — they do not generate currents sufficient to do that. There will also continue to be free-floating minute particulates in the tank. There are 3 major brand name lines to choose from:. There is a version with an integrated heater, although I prefer my heater separately.

FilStar XP3. The Xp3 uses the opaque heavy vinyl hoses. The portion of the hoses under the cabinet and in the dark have no growth in them. Wherever the hoses are attached to rigid tubing, the over joined area becomes filled with a black substance that you can't get to. Fluval gives you enough hosing to reach the bottom of a 24" tall tank with both the intake and outflow assemblies. Having lots of hose allows one to twist the outflow into a position to that will agitate the surface.

Pump Rating — gallons per hour. Circulation — I saw no listing for this. Priming Difficulty — The XP3 has a rep. Included Media — often sold without biomedia, in which case you must buy it separately this is important.

Outflow — Versatile! Special Notes — 1. You may want to ditch the fine particulate filtration pad at the top of the media stack, if it clogs fast in your tank more an issue in high particulate load tanks. The filtration baskets have handles.

If you own a Glasscages tank - They are built with a 2. He builds the rim in to prevent escapes. The rigid tubing of the Xp3 is only 2. This rigid tubing is similar to model airplane plastic. If you stress it, you get that white coloring just beore it snaps. And you can't glue stressed plastic back together. Warranty - 2 year warranty. Fluval Dimensions : Canister dimensions 6. So both filters offer adequate flexibility via 2 different approaches.

Fluval hosing is a corrugated blue plastic that cuts and bends easily without crushing. They supply specialty corner brackets to hold the hoses in the U-TURN shape needed to go up and over the tank rim. The Fluval inlet tube that attaches to the end of the hose is a smoked plastic.

There is no crud build-up in the corrugated hoses. There is a touch of gunk in the smoked tube. Which is fine if the tank is filled to the top. But you still have to stretch the inflow somehow to reach the bottom.

Manual PDF. Rated by manufacturer for Fish Tank Size — Up to gallons. Energy Use — 22 watt power supply with 6 foot cord per That PetPlace. Maximum Water Column Height — 6. Priming Difficulty — the has a varied rep. There are work-arounds that vary in effectiveness for different people. Whether to fill the canister with water before priming has been hotly debated; some people find it makes a difference likely due to partially filled tanks having much more air volume in the hoses.

Noise Level — marketed as quiet. Included Media — comes with everything you need, including biomedia. It only requires a slight upward angulation to point at the surface.

You can set it right at or below the surface. Much less versatile than the XP3. Bob reported some have complained of handle clamp breakage. He wondered how others broke theirs. Then last time he did filter maintenance, he couldn't get the Fluval lid on. After about four tries, he noticed the lid had gotten spun around and that he was forcing the power cord down into the wrong side. He suspects others broke their lid clamps doing the same thing.

Warranty — 3 year limited warranty. If the absolute quietest filter possible is needed, the may have the edge. The XP3 has a more versatile output system. It's really a toss-up here. I have both. They both do a very good job. XP3 wins. Hose Connection to Canister : The hose lock detachment set-up on the XP3 is a single valve set-up, unlike the Fluval with a shut-off valve and then a very flimsy unlock lever.

It always feels as though it's about to break off, when I'm trying to detach it Output Options : The XP3 comes with three different outlet set-ups. The Fluval only has the one. Another issue with the tubing is that the XP3 tubing, being both rigid and multi-jointed, in theory has many places for air to leak into the system.

The Fluval tubing, having no joints, in theory eliminates this problem Fluval wins. Suction Cups : Suction cups across the board are crappy. Both brands harden up and start to fail within a year. I've had to replace all of mine. Media Baskets : The Fluval has 4 media baskets and a sponge section while the XP3's sponge section is the bottom basket, thereby leaving you with only two media baskets Fluval wins Subjective Build Quality : The XP3 overall is made out of a heavier, thicker plastic than the Fluval, in both the canister and lock handles, and has a sturdier feel to it Fluval wins They both have good points and bad points, now if some manufacturer could just combine the best of both, he could make a ton o'money.

Eheim Pro II Manufacturer - Eheim — a German company with likely the strongest brand-name in the U. Dimensions — I was able to pull the hose off the outlet attachment, though. Just don't hook up the intake and output prematurely; do it in the order the manual says. Note : You get all the hose you need for a basic installation in the box, so you can run it right out of the box. Media Setup — The lacks the sponges for initial filtering that the uses.

Manual : The Eheim manual is multilingual, and English isn't the first chapter presented. The manual's pretty decent, although sparse so's the Fluval, by the way. Energy Use — 25 watts. You prime the canister before you plug it in, and if your tank is tall with a water level a few inches below the top, it doesn't work on an empty canister. Save yourself the grief I went through; fill the canister up , put the head back on, hook it up and then prime it.

Most canisters are kept in stands under the tank which muffle the sound well. The is often sold without media! You must get a deal with media including, because buying separately is expensive. If you choose to use the white pads, buy the 3 pad packs of all fine filter pads. The flexible hose from the canister attaches to a rigid plastic elbow that hooks over the tank rim, then turns out a bit.

This puts the spray bar on a flexible hose, whatever length you want, great for positioning it at whatever depth you like. The canister's bottom has 4 little rubber feet; they pop off easily, are small, and easy to loose. Watch it; I'm lucky I noticed 3 of mine fell off while I was fooling with it. Warranty — 3 year guarantee.


Fluval 404 Manuals

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Fluval 404 filter manual

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