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Analysis of the risk factors for stuttering in disfluent children without familial recurrence. PURPOSE: to analyze the following factors: gender, age, type of the onset of disfluencies, duration and typology of disfluencies; physical and emotional stresses and communicative and qualitative factors associated in children with high risk for stuttering and without familial recurrence of the disorder.

There was a resemblance concerning the findings between male and female: Concerning the duration of the disfluencies, the majority showed more than twelve months of duration, the stuttering-like disfluencies SLD were more frequent, the presence of emotional stresses occurred in the majority of the children, and lastly, the qualitative factors associated, such as fast speech rate, tension, and lack of coordination between respiration and phonation were found in most samples.

It was also possible to conclude that the interaction of some risk factors such as male gender, stuttering-like disfluencies SLD manifested by more than 12 months with persistent onset, in the presence of communicative and qualitative factors associated may represent increased risk for developing persistent stuttering. Os meninos apresentaram significantemente maior quantidade de fatores comunicativos associados. Smith A, Kelly E. Stuttering: A dynamic, multifactorial model.

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