The weapon of choice has been email marketing. Ask questions, do surveys, but most importantly, pay attention to the actions they take when interacting with your content. This ties to the previous idea. The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. You can still test a red button vs.

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An experienced direct response copywriter who can turn your readers into buyers. The archive of emails I send to my list of direct marketers and direct response copywriters. I was in a Mastermind Group for 3 years.

The organizer of the group, Brian Kurtz, who has by far the biggest Rolodex in direct marketing, brought a not especially well known former direct marketer to one of the meetings. This guy was a total rock star. And like many successful direct marketers, this guy never really went out on the speaking circuit, wrote books, or anything like that. They were in the game years ago and had some success. But now they just travel from event to event and say the same stuff.

You know who they are and the copy about them usually says something like, "Blaz Augustiniac rarely speaks at events and so here's your final chance to hear him. The very unfamous marketer I just mentioned was in charge of a large publishing company and one day, the CFO comes into his office. You have to. The check was to, you guessed it, Gary Bencivenga. It was a royalty payment for a promotion that went on to become a control.

This was roughly between and when he retired. He generated tens of millions in revenue for his clients. Maybe I will, one of these days.

How cool would that be? First, I want to point you toward an ad I consider the greatest example of direct response copywriting on the planet. Click here for the 30, words of copy. Recently, Kurtz was offering some bonuses if you bought his new and excellent book, Overdeliver. But I don't know if Kurtz is still offering the freebies. But by far and away the best Bencivenga resource is Bencivenga Bullets.

These are not voluminous but they are extremely powerful. EVERY direct response copywriter must know and understand these. Click here. I met Bencivenga very briefly at the Titans event. I was starting a pleasant chat when three people rudely interrupted.

But in just a couple of minutes I could tell Bencivenga was a gentleman. No prizes for telling me which camp Bencivenga came from. And, as such, he made a very healthy income by totally being in the first school.

Everyone I know in this school is pleasant, happy, and generally amenable. Here you go …. I could write a book about finding clients. Due to space constraints, this chapter can only provide some basic thoughts about finding the right clients for you. A lot of my work over the last several years has come through my website. And there have been some great clients. And this means you must act like one in your efforts to find clients. Build a list of clients you really want work for … write great copy for your website … get off your duff and start going after those dream clients.

And by the way, I don't receive any affiliate revenue for any of those links above. I hope you enjoyed the series about Gary Bencivenga in the last few emails.

A couple of things to take away. There are two schools of thought in direct response copywriting. The other school champions research, clarity, and verisimilitude, which is a long word for putting the truth in the best possible light Gary Bencivenga was one of the greatest copywriters of all time and he was firmly in the latter school. Which school are you going to be in? One of my favorite colleagues fully understands the technical aspects of skiing … and these can be extremely complex. Anyone want to discuss the finer points of centripetal forces?

She helps her students feel comfortable on skis and comfortable with confidence on skis. You can read a TON about the technical side of copywriting. You can read a TON about direct marketing fundamentals. And you can read a TON about dealing with clients. You can also find a lot of information about how to find clients. In fact, I just purchased a program from a well-known organization. I know how to find them.

The mindset starts with confidence. I know I have the technique to ski this pitch. But I need confidence and I have to trust myself. Yes … I could fall and I could possibly hurt myself.

But I could also ski the pitch successfully and gain the benefits of having tackled something difficult. The problem, again, is mindset. First, you need the mindset that will lead to constant learning and improvement so you can consistently convert potential buyers into actual buyers.

But one thing he said really resonates with me, almost every day. No affiliate commission here, in case you're wondering. Let me divulge something from the DVDs when it comes to headlines. Bencivnega talked about the inspiration for many of his headlines: book titles.

Take a look at book titles and you can get a sense of what Bencivnega was talking about. Numbers specificity in the headlines.

Classic headline techniques. I sometimes wonder how any of them make any money. I wrote a VSL for a client. The VSL sold an ebook about dementia. The client was selling 1. Look at the first three. What do they mean? The final one offers a bit of a benefit but the premise is not believable … especially to someone who is in marketing.

Put the good ones in your headline templates. Kurtz was in charge of marketing at Boardroom, one of the top direct marketing companies on the planet. Bencivenga used to write extensively for Boardroom. We all received, as part of the goodies, two folders of Boardroom controls, including plenty of copy from Gary Bencivenga. First, the total clarity. I regularly see ads that are difficult to understand. This happens more often in the branding world where the copywriters are striving to be clever and impress copywriters and art directors.

I regularly see headlines that have me scratching my head, wondering what the ad is actually trying to achieve. In fact, I saw an ad like that just last night when I picked up a friend from the airport. There was a big sign with a photo of a woman plus the name of the company; I'm still struggling to figure out what that company actually sells. I even see this lack of clarity in direct response copy.

I strive to make my copy extremely clear Look at the simple bullets. Every copywriter should strive for this clarity and simplicity. One more thing … check out the specificity. You see this in the headline and you see it throughout the body copy.

But Bencivenga avoids having too many numbers. I'm confident you've heard of Gary Bencivenga. He only writes sporadically these days, for his olive oil company, and he's mostly retired but, until his retirement, he was the 1 direct response copywriter on the planet. He wrote several controls for Boardroom, back when Boardroom was rocking out those powerful magalogs. He worked for other direct marketers too. The clarity of the offer is perfect and this clarity is something I strive to emulate every time I write copy.

I was having a pleasant conversation with him until three extremely rude people barged in. A client bought the DVDs for me and they are superb.


Gary Bencivenga

By Boardroom, Inc. Please see credentials below. No obligation Nothing to buy Your e-mail address will never be shared or rented. Then step forward, fellow gunslinger, and let me strap across your worthy shoulders a full bandoleer. These bullets are yours free, thanks to a new e-letter for direct marketers, called Bencivenga Bullets.


My Story…at Gary Bencivenga’s One and Only Bencivenga 100 Seminar

An experienced direct response copywriter who can turn your readers into buyers. The archive of emails I send to my list of direct marketers and direct response copywriters. I was in a Mastermind Group for 3 years. The organizer of the group, Brian Kurtz, who has by far the biggest Rolodex in direct marketing, brought a not especially well known former direct marketer to one of the meetings.

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