In it he argued that the Vedas could only have been composed in the Arctics, and the Aryan bards brought them south after the onset of the last ice age. He proposed the radically new way to determine the exact time of the Vedas. He tried to calculate the time of Vedas by using the position of different Nakshatras. Positions of Nakshtras were described in different Vedas.

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Today the book has entered its th year as it was published on June 8 in at Gayakwad Wada, Pune. It is Karmyog Shastra , the other name of this book. Since long ago, many philosophers and thinkers have attempted to interpret Gita in an analytical way. He must have but one meaning and one purpose running through the book, and that I have tried to find out. The first part is the philosophical exposition and the second part consists of Gita, its translation and commentary. Although Tilak was in Mandalay jail for around six years, the book, which was more than pages of script was completed in less than four months.

For this ocean of knowledge and the great scholar of Indian philosophy, the only thing to do was to put it on paper as the content was ready in his mind! Tilak donated the money received from the sale of the book to the Indian Independence Movement.

The time when he wrote this book was a high time to shed all the motives of inaction as the entire India was reeling under the British Rule.

Bhagwat Gita was born with the same intention to awaken Arjun who got inactive right on the battlefield by falling into the dilemma of whether it would be fair to kill his own family members! Lokmanya Tilak, through Gita Rahasya defended the ethical obligation to the active principle or action, even violent action as long as that was selfless and without personal interest or motive.

The philosophy interpreted in the book has no expiry date! This is the book which each and every Indian must keep…not in cupboard, but in the heart! Gita Rahasya…An Evergreen Book in its th. Total Views.


Gita Rahasya -Tilak

Kamat Research Database. It is now nearly 43 years since I made my first acquaintance with the Bhagavadgita. In , during the last illness of my father, the task of reading out to him a Prakrit commentary on the Bhagavadgita called Bhasavivrtti fell to my lot. At that date, that is, when I was only 16 years old, it was not possible for me to fully understand the import of the Gita.


Srimad Bhagavad Gita Rahasya - BG Tilak - Volumes 1 and 2

Don't have an account? The nationalist leader and social reformer Bal Gangadhar Tilak's thoughts on the Bhagavadgita based on his book Gita Rahasya are discussed in this chapter. It suggests that Tilak saw the Bhagavadgita as a work on ethics that upheld a morality of disinterested action and he believed that the moral foundation for the Indian nation could be built on the basis of the Gita. It explains that Tilak also suggested that the masses are entitled to their entry into politics even as bhakti allows them admission to the high realms of religion. It argues that Tilak also believed in the importance of Sthitaprajna Steady-in-Mind as the foundation of nationalism.


A Modern Interpretation of Lokmanya Tilak’s Gita Rahasya

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The Sthitaprajna as the Foundation of the Nation

It is the analysis of Karma yoga which finds its source in the Bhagavad Gita , a sacred book for Hindus. This book consists of two parts. The first part is the philosophical exposition and the second part consists of the Gita, its translation and the commentary. The book was written by Tilak in pencil with his own handwriting while being imprisoned at the Mandalay jail from to

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