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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Indoor centralized rack icr dual-mode base station pages. Page 3 All other trademarks and trade names mentioned in this document are the property of their respective holders. Notice The purchased products, services and features are stipulated by the contract made between Huawei and the customer. All or part of the products, services and features described in this document may not be within the purchase scope or the usage scope.

The commissioning ensures that the base station operates properly, as designed. Version The following table lists the product versions related to this document. Compared with issue 01 , this issue incorporates the following new topics Page 16 1 Changes in Series Multi-Mode Base Station Series Multi-Mode Base Station Commissioning Guide Commissioning Guide Compared with issue 01 , this issue excludes the following topics: Topic Deletion Description Commissioning resources The description of commissioning resources and prerequisites is integrated into the description of commissioning modes.

This function Step 2 Perform operations according to whether Intervene Transmission is selected when a commissioning task is created. Prepare the target version software package of the MBTS to be commissioned. Prepare the deployment list. For details on the parameters in the deployment list, 4. The Customize Process dialog box is displayed. Step 2 Keep ready the NodeB deployment list. The Upload versions and config files dialog box is displayed. Select the check box in front of Intervene Transmission.

Manual Transmission Detection Intervention Is 2. The transmission intervention dialog box is displayed. It is carried out automatically, and you need to focus only on faults. After the automatic software commissioning starts, you can use the M to monitor the alarms of an MBTS and the relevant alarms of the controller that manages the MBTS in real time. After the automatic service verification starts, the M automatically collects the performance data related to the GBTS and NodeB services and checks whether the services are normal.

Rectify the fault. Step 2 In MBTS List, select a commissioning task to be confirmed, and then click on the toolbar to confirm the completion of this task. You can right-click a commissioning task and then choose a menu item from the shortcut menu to perform the related operation. The M creates a fault diagnosis task and displays the diagnosis progress.

The value of this parameter is mandatory to be exported, and the parameter cannot be edited in the MBTS Auto Deployment window. If the value of this counter is not zero, it indicates that this counter passes the service verification. By monitoring the NodeB commissioning task, you can learn the commissioning progress and status, and then rectify commissioning faults if any in time. For details on the operations in each mode, see 5. The NodeB Auto Deployment window is displayed. The Import dialog box is displayed.

By default, they are set to 0. The deployment proceeds with the version management and subsequent procedures. Select Stop to stop the deployment. Otherwise, the software commissioning persists, and the system displays a message, indicating that no cell is serviceable. By monitoring the GBTS commissioning task, you can learn the commissioning progress and status, and then rectify commissioning faults if any in time.

For example, the alarm monitoring window and service verification window. After the fault diagnosis is complete, you can obtain the fault diagnosis report. Step 2 Right-click the commissioning task whose alarms are to be viewed, and then choose Open Monitor Window from the shortcut menu.

In such a case, you need to manually confirm that the commissioning is complete. You can choose Delete to delete this task. If you deselect a configurati step when importing the EDS file, or if the file related to a step does not exist, the automatic eNodeB commissioning skips this step and proceeds. The eNodeB Auto Deployment tab page is displayed. For details, see 5. If all active alarms are cleared but the health check still fails, contact Huawei for technical support.

The calls are uninterrupted and none of the calls get dropped till they are released. The voice is clear with no loud noise. After a NodeB passes the service verification, the status of the NodeB commissioning task changes to Waiting for Acknowledgement. You can locate the cursor on each icon on the toolbar to learn the meaning of this icon according to the displayed message.

After selecting an object type, you can view the alarms of all the objects of this type in the alarm list located in the right pane. Alternatively, right-click the task, and then choose Open Service Verification Window from the shortcut menu to open this tab page.

The commissioning report is in. You can perform different operations by clicking the corresponding buttons. It is not configurable in the NodeB Auto Deployment window. When a base station supporting two modes is deployed, The two modes must be upgraded separately if only one USB disk is available for the upgrade on site. Step 3 Obtain the software package for the upgrade. Page Arranging The Usb Disk For Local Enodeb Commissioning Before Huawei signs the cross certificate for the operator, the operator is required to provide the request file of cross certificate for Huawei.

Step 3 Configure the authentication access equipment. The authentication access equipment may vary with different operators. The example here describes a typical configuration of an authentication access equipment.

ON first, OFF for a You should pay attention to the following points when you download and activate the software The power supply is Reinstall the board to check whether available but the board the fault is rectified.

If the fault persists, is faulty. It Indicates That Blinking ON for There are alarms on Check whether the antenna system is properly 0. View the commissioning report to check the MBTS operating status. Step 6 Enter the correct IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. Before configuring the base station boards and logical objects, you must obtain the site management rights after logging into the base station at the local end.

Figure Board Configuration window Step 8 Set the related parameters. In the Object Attributes area, specify Object No. The SMT provides the self-check function. When an invalid value is specified, the User Error dialog The configured cell is displayed in the navigation pane, as shown in Figure The Site Opstart dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure The Cell Opstart dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure BT Opstart successfully is displayed Click Close and proceed with the next step.

RC Opstart successfully is displayed Click Close. Repeat Step 13 to validate the frequencies of other carriers. Carrier operation start fails The LEDs are on or on for 0. The User Login By default, the password is NodeB.

The password consists of 6 to 16 alphanumeric and case-sensitive characters. A dialog box is displayed, indicating the status and the progress of the procedure. When you use the refresh function on the main interface of the LMT, the main interface exits. If you use the refresh function on the monitoring page, a script error occurs. Set User Type to Local. NOTE By default, the user name and password is admin. The FTP user can access the specified directory. The eNodeB performs the selected tasks from top to bottom.

There is a progress bar under the Execute button, indicating the current progress and status of the task. Site management rights are released. Remote The transmission between Figure Table , Table , and Table show these communication ports on multi-mode base stations.


GSM BTS Initial Configuration

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