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The color LCD shows a variety of information such as receiving frequency, tuning step, memory channel number, etc. A 7-segment LCD for sub indication is also adopted. The sub indicator shows the battery voltage while the color LCD is not being used to save battery power. In addition, the background color of the color LCD is selectable from black, purple, yellow, green, amber, light blue, blue, green and grey. Super wide frequency coverage Covers 0.

Signal strength level indicator The IC-R3 measures the signal strength of the received signals every 0. In addition, when a directional antenna is used, this function helps in searching the signal's origin like during fox huntings. Auto squelch An automatic squelch self-adjusting system eliminates critical squelch threshold settings when receiving weak signals. Passes a signal with the specified tone signal only to provide quiet stand-by. The pocket beep function lets you know when a specified station's signal is received with an alerting beep.

In addition, a tone scan function is available for searching which tone is used for the receiving signal. This could be helpfull to determine the tone needed to use a repeater station.

A total of 50 tone frequencies are available for fixed stand-by and tone scan operation. Built-in attenuator A 4-step RF attenuation circuit protects received signals from extremely strong interference caused by nearby stations, etc. This allows quick and easy changing of operating bands, AF volume, set mode contents, etc. We aanvaarden alle herstellingen van Icom en Yaesu apparatuur en beschikken over een uitgebreide voorraad van onderdelen. Om optimaal gebruik te maken van deze website, is het gebruik van JavaScript vereist.

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C3F TV Schrijf je in op onze nieuwsbrief Contactformulier Vul hier je e-mailadres in. Herstellingen We aanvaarden alle herstellingen van Icom en Yaesu apparatuur en beschikken over een uitgebreide voorraad van onderdelen. Lees meer over onze diensten.


Icom IC-R3 27

See your information on screen! Impressive operating status display Never before has a hand held receiver given you as much information as the IC-R3. In addition, the back ground color is selectable from 8 available colors. TV picture receive capability Not only can you see your operation status, you can display broadcast visual information.

DIP05 1C90 51L PDF


Discontinued Wideband Receivers. The Icom IC-R3 offers incredible wideband coverage from 0. Imagine tuning to the VHF ham radio "fast scan" frequencies and seeing live ham transmissions. In fact with this coverage, you may be able to see all kinds of video links depending on your location!


ICOM IC-R3 User Manual


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