Control Switch: A. It will get hard to express one's image with existing underwater TTL auto strobe when a user gains experience of underwater photography. This is because that desired exposure is vary by each photographer's sensitivity and appropriate exposure is also vary depending on shooting condition like subject color etc. Manually controllable [EV Control Switch] enables you to select "real" appropriate exposure by simply dialing the switch. Compare different setting of "A" for Bit brighter , "C" for Bit dark and "C-" for Rather dark , then select "real" appropriate exposure setting. It was impossible for existing underwater TTL auto strobe to intentionally make asymmentric lighting under dual strobe configuration and only "flat" lighting was available.

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Adjustable range is 3 steps to increase and 6 steps to decrease, to suit to personal preference or different exposure control characteristics among camera models. The Z Type 4 successfully amplifies receiving optical signal from the slave sensor 20 times more comparing to previous Z Type 3 to provide wireless S-TTL Auto mode using a mirror instead of an optical cable.

INON unique Advanced Cancel Circuit benefits you with faster recycle time and more images per battery set to eliminate drawbacks when using with a pre-flash type digital camera where the built-in flash always burst full dump.

The Z automatically identifies number of pre-flash to activate adequate program to support proper functioning of External Auto, Manual as well as precise S-TTL Auto mode. Z Type 4 Front. Z Type 4 Rear. Minimum recycle time at full flash how fast the strobe is ready to fire just after full flash is approx. The Z unique circuit components carries two sets of fundamental electrical parts transformer and transistor to achieve fast recycle time.

Multifunctional Focus Light. Newly introduced flash mode for hard wired film camera to pre-set maximum flash power in TTL Auto exposure to compensate the weakness of the TTL Auto mode.


Manual / user guide for Inon Z-240 type 2 needed

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Inon Z240 Review

Does anyone have the English advanced manual and could "let me have a look at it"? This is the quick start PDF, you will find additional information at Inonamerica. Your retailer should be able to provide a manual for the country you bought it in. INON has an agreement with its retailers that they only provide the user's manual for the languages in the country that the strobe was purchased.


This PDF 1. The current document download page has been viewed times. File size: Privacy: public file. Public files: April 05 April Inon Z User Manual - Advanced. Features not mentioned in this manual are explained in separate Use Manual [Basic Operation].

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