Train with tools designed by trainers and optimized for learning. Direct attention beyond numbers to core strengths, opportunities for growth, and strategic choices. Build conflict resolution skills in settings where managing differences is challenging. Use training tools with built-in cultural flexibility. Provide opportunities to discuss how diverse backgrounds shape habits in conflict. Ground learning in affirmation of existing strength.

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Generally, an eBook can be downloaded in five minutes or less Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Style Matters Conflict Style Inventory 1. You can also purchase rights He was founding director of the Mennonite to reproduce at modest cost and print your Conciliation Service, Akron, Pennsylvania, A fully automated web version as Director of Training and head of special with a detailed report tailored to your scores projects.

For all pricing and ordering African National Peace Accord. He was a information,. Leading a Workshop? Tools to Facilitate Meetings When Things are clear. Restoring Those sent to you immediately by return email.

The interactive Style Matters Online on the See www. More Resources on Conflict Styles For. Kraybill Revised. On the front ISBN. Perhaps more than conscious choices in responding to others any other challenge in life, our ability to work when things are tense. You can build on your out differences with others affects our ability to strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Yet most of us get little You can assess responses of other people and thoughtful guidance from parents and teachers deal more constructively with them. In a handful of pages, -. This information can help The questions and your scores are only the you understand confusing situations and make beginning of the learning process.

Thoughtful a real difference in the quality of relationships in self-reflection. Style Matters will help you to do that So. It is often easier to describe how others respond than how we ourselves respond.

How to respond most constructively to the disagreements. Style Matters gives you a snapshot of yourself. Riverho 3 Instructions for Getting Started You can take this inventory in one of two ways. If situations. Instructions A result in a broad sketch of you live and work in a cultural setting known as your behavior in general. People in these settings see get snapshots of yourself in several settings.

They feel free to respond as they Instruction Set A - General Sketch wish when there is disagreement, no matter who is Think about your typical response when your involved. If this sounds like your life, Instructions A wishes differ with those of another person.

Questions will probably work best for you. Though there may be exceptions, what of a problem before responding. In such settings, is. For each others have a big voice in deciding responses.

Instruction Set B - Context-Specific Snapshot may feel more realistic for you, since they guide you Choose a context for answering the questions. Select a person or particular kind of relationship for and hold it in mind as you take the inventory. Many people operate in mixed settings so either friends,. Welcome to the with whom you have experienced disagreements or complexities of modern living!

You can learn more conflict.. If you are when you have not yet grown frustrated or greatly undecided, we recommend Instructions B. They upset So long as feelings are still under control, I. Clea r. Discussion I look for a compromise that gives each of little 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 work. G uide. Onlin tailed. In a mild disagreement, ser or trainer. I am likely to go alongailing of report to u wishes in order to keep things peaceful.

Pric ed. Riverho 5 H. If tension is not yet high, I focus more on making sure that my opinions are heard than on keeping the other person happy. In the early stage when people are not yet upset,. When emotions are not yet high, I deal with differences by offering to give up some things in exchange for others. As emotions rise, I focus more on my goals and less on how others feel about things.

When feelings escalate in an argument, I seek a solution where both parties win some and lose some. When I am upset in a disagreement, Matte rs? W ho Uses St yle I withdraw from discussion so that neither side gets what they want. Universit y h,. Busin ess. Sch I prefer to set aside my needs and let the other person have what xas want rather than threaten Te fety,.

Sta te. Pennsylv P. When an argument gets ment. Me dical. Columbia My attention goes tostice. I nstituget. Ju strategies to te what is ter relationship.


Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory

The exercise takes about 10 minutes. Style Matters is available in two forms. The depth of the score report of the online version allows for individuals to do entirely self-directed learning. Many trainers use the online version even when they are doing an in-person workshop. That way users get indepth individualized feedback from their score report and group conversation in the workshop. Detailed trainers guides are available free to trainers and make it easy for anyone with basic group facilitation skills to lead a successful learning experience.


Resolving Conflict: Understanding the Five Conflict Styles

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About Style Matters

Like the widely-used Thomas Kilmann Inventory TKI , it identifies five styles of responding to conflict , calling them:. Its Basic version takes about 15 minutes to take and forty-five minutes to three hours to interpret, depending on how many exercises trainers choose to use. Its culturally sensitive Expanded Version takes about 25 minutes to take. One is that it gives users two sets of scores, one for "calm" conditions and one for "storm", recognizing that many people's style shifts under high stress. For example, some people who are high in Directing behaviors in the beginning of a conflict shift into Avoiding as stress mounts. Others may shift from Avoiding to Directing, etc. An unusual feature of the KCRI in the world of conflict style inventories is that its Expanded Version is culturally sensitive.

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