Hames, N. Murray, D. Granner, P. Mayes, V. Berg, J. Tymoczko, L.

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Original and review papers 2. Roitt I. Baj J. Biologia molekularna bakterii, PWN, Warszawa 5. Genetyka molekularna, PWN, Warszawa 6. Kunicki-Goldfinger W. Przondo-Mordarska A. Korf B. Hames, N. Stryer L. Higgs P. Bioinformatyka i ewolucja molekularna. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classes , might be available in the USOSweb system:.

ECTS credits: 7 or 6. Organized by: Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection. Specialist laboratory TMD This course has not yet been described Feeding methods - informative lecture with the using of multimedia presentations, Seeking methods - laboratory exercises, experiments, observation and measurement, discussion, work with source materials Exposing methods — show.

The prerequisite for obtaining a credit from the laboratory is participation in classes and receiving the acceptance of written reports of performed exercises. Final rating is an average grade given by the person conducting the various activities. Methods of the isolation and purification of proteins. The selective isolation and analysis of blood plasma proteins. Analytical procedures of protein preciptiation by salting-out with the use of ammonium sulfate.

Biochemical calculations — the determination of blood plasma protein concentrations. Spectrophotometry colorimetry — determination of extinction coefficients. Complications due to contaminants reagents. Elecrophoresis in the protein assays. The main aspects of various electrophoretic assays of proteins.

Practical preparation of electrophoretic reagent ad gels. Analysis of blood platelet reactivity. Determination of blood coagulation parameters. Hematological analysis using a flow cytometric method.

Bioinformatic analysis of selected proteins. Amino acid alignments and protein families. Methods of determination of DNA polymorphism. Immunoelectrophoresis techniques use in biotechnology.

Mycological diagnostics in biotechnology. Methods of microbial diagnostics. MTT reduction assay for assessment of potential cytotoxic activity of biocompounds designed for medical applications. Molecular identification of human pathogenic fungi. Preparation and use in the diagnostics of bacterial cell wall antigen.

Determination of the presence and activity of bacterial endotoxin in biological materials and the environment. Preparation of phage lysates used in the medicine and industry. Haemostatic properties of blood plasma. Determination of the selected parameters of the blood coagulation system. Kinetics of the process of fibrinogen polymerization. The influence of oxidative stress on blood components. Measurements of blood the total antioxidant capacity of blood plasma.

The determination of blood plasma thiol groups as a marker of oxidative stress. RNA quality and integrity analysis. RNA cleaning. Reverse transcription reaction. Use of reference genes as internal controls for data normalization. QPCR data analyses melting curve and amplification curve analyses as a method for amplicon quality and quantity respective assessment. Statistical analyses of investigated transcript expression.

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