Aleksandar Ehrmann September 14, — April 13, was known Croatian industrialist, philanthropist and diplomat. He had three brothers, Leon, Oskar and Leopold. Inspired by family tradition, from early childhood Ehrmann was prepared for the lead positions in the wood industry, so in the period from until he worked at a several prestigious wood processing companies. In the he started working at the sawmill branch of Freundlich brothers from Munich. He stayed in Vienna for two years.

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You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:. Send email. More actions PayPal accepted. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again 9 positive reviews 1 rating 5. The Community shall have as its task, by establishing a common market and an economic and monetary union and by implementing common policies or activities referred to in Articles 3 and 4, to promote throughout the Community a harmonious, balanced and sustainable development of economic activities, a high level of employment and of social protection, equality between men and women, sustainable and non-inflationary growth, a high degree of competitiveness and convergence of economic performance, a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the environment, the raising of the standard of living and quality of life, and economic and social cohesion and solidarity among Member States.

Opening clauses 1. On date, the contracting parties have signed the Purchase contract No. Article II Subject of Amendment 1. Clause 2. The buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price in two instalments, as follows: The first instalment in amount of 1EUR one euro in word within 15 banking days from the signing of this contract at latest, via bank transfer to the account of the seller.

The second instalment in amount of 1EUR one euro in word to be paid within days from the date of payment of the first instalment via bank transfer to the account of the seller. The duty of the buyer to pay the purchase price is duly and on time fulfilled, when the whole purchase price is transferred to the account of the seller on the last day of its maturity at latest. Final Clauses 1.

This Amendment No. The contracting parties declare, that this Amendment No. The contracting parties declare they have read this Amendment No. Dana ugovorne strane su potpisale Kupoprodajni ugovor br. Predmet Aneksa 1. Kupoprodajnog ugovora ima novu formulaciju: "2. Ovaj Aneks br. Ugovorne strane ovim izjavljuju da ovaj Aneks br. That is why, before using the product for the first time, please read the recommendations carefully and follow the instructions about using the product.

The perfect functioning of your product, your safety and the safety of others depend on them. Before plugging this product into the wall socket outlet check that the voltage is the same as that indicated on the product.

If the voltage is not the same, it may cause damage to the product and put you in danger. This product was designed and manufactured only for domestic use. Its continual use for commercial and professional purposes may cause overload and damage to the product or personal accidents. Its use under these conditions will render the product warranty null and void. To avoid electrical shocks, never operate the product with wet hands or on humid or wet surfaces.

Do not allow the electrical parts of the product to get wet and never submerge it in water. To avoid accidents, this product should not be operated by children or people who are not familiar with these instructions.

Unplug the product from the wall outlet socket when not in use or when cleaning it. Slight carelessness may involuntarily switch the product on and cause accidents. Do not use the product after it has been dropped or if there is any type of malfunctioning. Take it to an Authorised Service Centre. Never use this product if the power supply cord or plug is damaged, so as to avoid accidents, like electric shocks, short-circuits, burns or even fire.

The purchase and replacement of the power supply cord must be carried out at an Authorised Service Centre. Refer to the documentation that came with your computer for detailed system recovery steps. Observe the following requirements before removing and replacing a hard disk drive. Do not bang or drop it. Do not touch the circuit board. Static electricity can damage the drive. You may damage your computer or be injured from the spinning fan blades. To reduce the chance of ESD damage, work over a non-carpeted floor.

If possible, ground yourself while touching the metal frame of the computer, prior to handling components. Pogledajte dokumentaciju koju ste dobili uz kompjuter za detaljne korake za ponovno uspostavljanje sistema. Nemojte ga udarati ili ispustiti.

Read the safety instructions carefully before using your Sansa. Read this entire manual to ensure proper usage. Keep this User Guide for future reference. This may create a traffic hazard and may be illegal in some areas.

You should exercise extreme caution and discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations. Keep the volume at a moderate level, so that you are better able to hear outside sound, and to be considerate of the people around you. Keep your player away from sinks, drinks, bathtubs, showers, rain, and other sources of moisture. Moisture can cause electric shocks with any electronic device. Do not disassemble, crush, short-circuit or incinerate your battery as it may cause fire, injury, burns or other hazards.

Make sure your connectors are the identical shape and size before you connect. Select series to be referenced on the image interactively by clicking "Pick Series" button. Choose the first and the last image of the series to be referenced on the selected image. Enter the step of cross references each visible cross reference line corresponds to a series' image in "Frequency" field.

Adjust the step of cross reference numbering in the "Numbering" field. Cancel print series? Note: Checking "Print image with different Window Levels" will limit the Filmer to even number of columns. Specify the first and the last images for printing range. Choose in the "Step" box the step between two printed images. Existing One Touch attachments using this software will not work anymore. Remove selected software? Each Series Type is attached with one or multiple reviewing protocol.

A single series can be attached to multiple protocols. A default attachment has to be selected for those cases. Some attachments have been edited since last save. Do you want to save the modifications? Attachment label already in use Cannot delete attachment Cannot get attachment information Cannot move attachment Cannot save the attachments Cannot update attachment information Enter at least one criterion for the link: Enter attachment label Enter modality Please launch the One Touch Manager to modify the existing link.

The attachment can not be edited. The software associated to this attachment is unknown or not visible. This attachment already exists Quit Media Patient List? Restore selected examination s? Ukloniti odabrani softver? Softver povezan sa ovim prilogom je nepoznat ili se ne vidi. Garancija ponude br. Sesija br. The Vendor is obliged to send notification of any price change within the period of 7 seven days from the prices change the latest.

In case no change of prices has occurred, the Vendor shall at least once a month within the Agreement Term validity submit to the OPERATOR a price list of the current Products eventually reduced in connection with the provision of stock protection , as well as the price list of the new Products, with their anticipated life cycle. The OPERATOR is not liable to realize this Agreement partly or in whole, nor shall accept any costs or responsibility in case this Agreement is not realized, with which the Vendor is completely agreeable.

The Vendor is obliged and shall be deemed liable for the delivery of Products including everything contained in the positive legal rules of Bosnia and Herzegovina and market inspection. Vu la date de la commission des infractions, la prescription, qui est de 15 ans art.

Comme l'extradition des nationaux n'est en principe pas admise art. Article CP - escroquerie 1. Translation - Serbian II. Pravo i postupak 1. Article CP - prevara 1. The present order the "Order" governs the right to use the software packages referred to in the table appearing as Annex A hereinafter the "Software packages" conceded to the Customer.

The validity period regarding the Date of the Order to March 30, the" Expiration date" is defined as the "Duration". The terms mentioned in capital letters are defined in the present Order, its duration Appendices, or in the General Conditions. Produce: Translation - Serbian In general, from the aspect of the oxygen concentration, the water course is, according to the both used criteria, of satisfactory quality in the length from the Dalj station till the Sava confluence.


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Kristijan Begić: Šibenska Fina i sud izbrisali su mi tvrtku i upropastili posao od 10 milijuna kuna



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