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Moderators: scr8p , klavy69 , shodog. Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. It's owned by my brother in law. It has been sitting for a very long time, and he finally gave it to me to do a rebuild. I don't know much about the Superten series, but I have been doing a lot of research over the last couple of weeks. This example, although very dirty and grimy, has a lot of nice upgrades, and seems in very nice condition underneath the dirt.

I am excited to hear it run. I have always thought the Superten was a great looking car. The most obvious thing this car needs is new rubber. Here are pictures showing the condition I received it. The tear down has begun. Can anyone tell me what chassis this car has. In all the searching I have done online, I have not seen another example like it. Any help and suggestions are welcome. I have a lot more questions on the car, but will bring those up as I get to them in the rebuild.

Lavigna's Gallery - [ viewtopic. Should have "Kyosho" on it somewhere Otherwise, various manufacturers made similar chassis, gold ano means it could be made by Cross who made a lot of option parts for this and other Kyosho cars. Hard bits for this chassis are the wheels and tires.

Another problem are suitable bodies. Those for the FW are too wide; the FW uses mm wide bodies. I've always wanted one to run myself and wished I had acted when nitro was the in thing. Can't say I've ever seen one on a touring car though That would be a rebuild I'd love to do.

Bum on Direct Deposit. Osiris is the key. I have managed to find a few wanted parts, but I still have a pretty long list of parts I am hunting.

Disassembly has gone quick, and I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of everything. I also found some hidden upgrades, like coated aluminum differential housings and internals. Thanks previously to Alex, I have a new pair not pictured of rear tires. I am still looking for a front set It is yellowed, and has several stress marks.

Does anyone know if the hydrogen peroxide whitening treatment would work on this material? Or any other ideas on bringing the color back closer to what it was originally? If anyone knows where a new fuel tank is available, please let me know. I'm pretty stoked because after a year of looking at Superten parts, I have never seen a FW04 fuel tank come up for sale, especially NIP!

There's a pretty drastic difference between the whiteness of the two. I never would have got the old tank to look half as good. Last edited by Lavigna on Sat Mar 02, pm, edited 1 time in total.

That 4 stroke and fan! I have a few choice parts on the way for it as well. What was originally going to be a simple rebuild has ramped up to a pro level build full of additional upgrades. More to come on this. I managed to sand and polish them out. I plan on having the chassis re-anodized. The factory finish on the exhaust pipe was looking pretty bad. It's a very rare unit made by FORM. I stripped the wrinkle paint and gave it a raw satin finish.

I am not sure what finish or color I will settle on for it. I tore down the engine and cleaned and surfaced all parts. I will be swapping out a few pieces on the engine.

I am waiting on those parts before I can rebuild. This engine has amazing quality. Very impressive unit. Look what followed me home today! Another FW04 Superten. This unit doesn't have the 4 cycle engine, but it appears to be hardly used. I will likely be swapping some of the parts from this one as I rebuild both.

I'm excited about the body as well. It should look great once painted and mounted. Similar Topics. Kyosho Superten Taisian Porsche! Was there a factory four stroke Super-Ten? SuperTen FW vs. Kyosho Gold Rebuild?? Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests.


Kyosho SuperTen GP FW-04 4WD Manuals

Moderators: scr8p , klavy69 , shodog. Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. It's owned by my brother in law.


Kyosho SuperTen GP FW-04 4WD Instruction Manual



Kyosho SUPER TEN FW-04 SERIES Manual.pdf


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