I have translated a lot of documents from Romanian to English, French and Serbian and vice versa. My mother tongue is Serbian my father is Serbian and I finished my primary and secondary school in Serbia. I am living in Serbia at the moment. My academic transcript consists of both English and French subjects: grammar, phonology, noun phrase, theory of translation, conversation, clause syntax, debate, lexicology, verb phrase, culture and civilization, etc.

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I have translated a lot of documents from Romanian to English, French and Serbian and vice versa. My mother tongue is Serbian my father is Serbian and I finished my primary and secondary school in Serbia. I am living in Serbia at the moment. My academic transcript consists of both English and French subjects: grammar, phonology, noun phrase, theory of translation, conversation, clause syntax, debate, lexicology, verb phrase, culture and civilization, etc.

I studied a lot about English and French grammar I did a lot of exercises, I also translated various texts from English and French into Romanian and from Romanian into English and French language. I found out and learned a lot about British and French and their countries and culture through subject named British Culture and Civilization and French Culture and Civilization.

I am confident that this would ease my learning and contribution on my research project. I have also finished pedagogical module in order to work in Education. There I study the following subjects: pedagogy, educational psychology, didactic specialization, pedagogical practice.

As a teacher of foreign languages English, French, and Romanian and translator I have always tended for new knowledge, new cultures, new people, new experiences…and new language…. I have studied German language privately for two years…in the beginning I did it online…now I use it every day since I am involved as I said in international project with Austria ,, A short city break,,.

I work well in teams; I am reliable and organized, and enthusiastic to learn. I am sure that I will carry over the same enthusiasm and skill in doing this course. I know that my academic background will prove to be an effective match for your demands. I hope that you realize that I am qualified for this position and will be a positive contribution to this Institution.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes.

Langue maternelle : serbe. Send email. More actions. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again Aucun retour.

The American students then visit Paris in April. On Saturday, January 30th we flew to Boston via London. After an eight-hour trip we arrived in Boston at 2. We said goodbye to our teacher: we would not see her for days and we regretted that But the feeling did not last. We discovered new friends and they immediately made us feel at home.

That first day in America was a long one for us because of the jet- lag and also because our pen pals took us to a music festival at school. Some days would be devoted to field trips and the others spent at Newton North High School.

A school week is five days, from 8. You can take extra-curricular activities from 2. One of our first pleasures was to know that school is over at 2. What a change for us. In Paris we never leave school before 5. We went to French classes to talk with students in French. We were surprised to discover that some students think the French are not clean because they do not wash their hair every day.

We went to Plymouth Plantation, the village which the Pilgrim Fathers founded in It was funny to see these people dressed as if they lived in , living that way and pretending to know nothing about TV. We also visited the Boston Tea Party ship. On board the Beaver we hurled tea overboard in personal protest. We went to Kennedy Library and the Museum of Science. Here are some things about the USA that we could not believe, but are true: Houses are very big and made of wood -Americans respect the speed limits -They are very strict about alcohol -They chew gum all day long and do wear blue jeans - Teenagers can drive at age sixteen and sometimes have their own cars -They do not have as much schoolwork but many have after school jobs to make money We want to go back!

The pretty girls of New York Michael and Francis are husband and wife. They are roaming the streets of New York City. Michael tells his wife that he admires the prettiness of the young girls in New York in the same way that he admires the beauty of flowers and paintings. Fifth Avenue was shining in the sun when they left the Brevoort. The sun was warm, even though it was February, and everything looked like Sunday morning the buses and well-dressed people walking slowly in couples and the quiet buildings with the windows closed.

They walked lightly, almost smiling, because they had slept late and had a good breakfast and it was Sunday. Michael unbuttoned his coat and let it flap around him in the mild wind. Look out Francis said as they crossed Eight Street. You will break your neck. Michael laughed and Francis laughed with him. She is not so pretty Francis said. Anyway not pretty enough to take a chance of breaking your neck.

Michael laughed again. How did you know that I was looking at her? Francis cocked her head to one side and smiled at her husband under the brim of her hat. Michael, darling, she said. Ok he said. Excuse me. Francis patted his arm lightly and pulled him along a little faster toward Washington Square. You and me. Is it a date? It is a date. Then we can take the bus down to Radio City and watch them skate.

British homes British homes are usually smaller than American homes, but, like Americans, old people, young families and unmarried people do not usually live together. Many British people love old houses, and these are often more expensive than modern ones.

They also love gardening and you will see gardens everywhere you go, in towns, villages and out in the country. Some are very small, with just one tree and a few flowers. Others are enormous, with plenty of flowers and enough vegetables and fruit trees to feed a family. There are 19 million homes in Britain - big homes and small homes, old cottages and new high-rise buildings, houses and flats.

Americans say apartment, but British people say flat. Half of the families in Britain own their own homes. Millions of these " owner occupied" houses are the same, with two or three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, a sitting room, dining room and kitchen downstairs, and a small garden at the back and front of the house.

To pay for their house, home owners borrow money from a building society and pay back a little every month. With these opening words of the United Nations Charter, fifty nations, meeting in San Francisco in , founded the new world organization.

Over the years the membership has grown to more than three times that number, with member states in The United Nations Headquarters is located in the heart of New York City, on the 18 -acre site bounded on the north by 48th Street, on the south by 42nd Street, on the west; by west by First Avenue and on the east by the Eat River. It has been the permanent home of the organization since On weekdays the flags of all Member States can be seen flying along United Nations Plaza arranged in English alphabetical order.

The site is regarded as an international zone - under an agreement with the United States, it enjoys special privileges and immunities. The General Assembly is the main organ of the UN, where all Member States are represented and where each - large or small, rich or poor has a single vote. Could you spare a quarter? There was no question that the old man was blind. His head was cocked to one side, as if watching a distant vision.

But after a quick glance, passers-by did There was no plea from the man for help or charity, but hanging from the bell of his horn was a small plastic cup. As the melodies spirituals, marches, camp songs - flowed smoothly from that battered horn, coins rattled one after another into the cup.

The old man shuffled on, paying his way with music. Not notice his eyes - instead they heard his music. A few yards up the street, as if spying on the blind horn player, came a young man in jeans, a T shirt and a careless manner, He walked slowly his eyes darting hopefully form person to person. Occasionally he would stop someone and each time his story was the same: Could you spare a quarter? Once, twice, a dozen times he was turned down, often just ignored.

But he was untroubled, and continued to beg, his palm outstretched as if seeking what was owed both the old man and the young man sought the same thing - the pocket change of passing strangers, but examine the philosophical difference.

The old man was offering that entire he had a fading talent and a dying strength in return for the silver. The young man offered only his need and the expectation that the need would be, and should be, met. Is there a growing belief that life does, in fact, provide a free lunch and that all one has to do is to expect it? Is idea of the work ethic gone forever? Man brings stroke Mr.


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