Giuseppe Bergman is an Italian comics series by Milo Manara , which was first published in It stars a Candide -like anti-hero who appeared in four graphic novels which are an ironic deconstruction of adventure stories and comic books as a medium. Giuseppe Bergman appears as a dissatisfied something longing for adventure. Bergman finds himself confronted by hoodlums, rioters, white slavers, drug addicts, revolutionaries, and natives, but his adventures are bumbling disasters as he is consistently unprepared for the situations he encounters.

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Gerri Mahn gerrimahn. Gerri Mahn wisely invested her money in a B. She has since used these degrees to speak…. Skip to main content area. When Den of Geek asked me to review the latest of the collected volumes by famed Italian artist, Milo Manara, I nearly fell off my chair. Are you kidding? Review some of the most celebrated comic porn in the industry? By the master himself?

You want me to get down on my hands and knees and grovel like a dirty girl? No, Gerri, no! You are a die-hard feminist! You hate pink. Babies terrify you. Manara only draws women who subjugate themselves to men, running amok naked through busy city streets while anonymous folk grope their way well past third base. You cannot! You will not! Oh, but I do so love sexy time.

And full disclosure: there is already an embarrassing amount of porn on my Kindle. So what is a die-hard, sexy time loving, feminist to do? Acknowledge that for all his illustrated objectification of women, Manara does not just peddle porn! He has been at the top of his game in literature, history, and art for decades. He cleverly mixes high and low art, creating vulgar scenes amid lush and exotic and culturally relevant landscapes in order to create tension and cultivate mystery.

His female characters are forever naked, their tender regions splayed open, placing inherent physical vulnerability at the fore. Reminding me of a recent quote by the comedian Louie C. So what do we have in this, the 5 th volume of his collected work not the actual porn-porn, which is collected in another multi-volume series? The illustration is exquisite, and waffles between minimalist and finely detailed with perfect balance. The narrative and Bergman follows an unwilling young woman who has been drop-kicked into the script, forced to accept her role as a prostitute named Lulu.

Also, there is that solar power thing that the Incas thought up i. He calls out each hackneyed plot device as it occurs.

The characters are like actors, real people most of whom are despicable who are forced to wear their alternate identity like an ill-fitting costume. Dies Irae: The African Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman, Book 2 The second story starts out in much the same way, with Chloe, the good girl drawn naughty, asking the reader to quantify her existence and identity through the careful exploration of numerous styles of illustration. My favorite is Chloe the stick figure, laying with her legs splayed.

Hey, not everyone makes their Golems out of boring old clay! At first Bergman was irritated who wants to babysit a wackadoodle? Completely off topic, but why am I suddenly reminded of the virulent hate Game of Thrones fans are piling on George R. The books are make believe, children; not reality.

Such an easy escape, and so much more enriching than fantasizing about the dreary eight hours a day the majority of us sit in a cubicle. Manara, like Bergman, is well aware of what he is doing and how the reader can get sucked into a narrative. In fact, in order to inspire even greater investment, Manara provides a blank panel and invites the reader to draw something in the book itself in order to further the plot.

Clever dickens. If you are a fan of McNeil, you will love Manara. The style of illustration is also markedly different; the heavy use of pen and ink lines reminded me of stylized engravings. There was nothing wrong with it; it just lacked the subtlety of the earlier stories. Still, American fans of Homer and Manara will not want to miss the release of this story! He is a consummate storyteller and illustrator who never fails to challenge and delight the reader!

Also; the booty is pretty dern fine too! Den of Geek Rating: 5 Erect Peens. Share: Share on Facebook opens in a new tab Share on Twitter opens in a new tab Share on Linkedin opens in a new tab Share on email opens in a new tab Comment: Comments count: 0. Written by Gerri Mahn gerrimahn. Read more from Gerri Mahn.


Giuseppe Bergman Series



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Giuseppe Bergman


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