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RS Stock No. Product Details. Maximum Holding Current. Maximum Operating Temperature.

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Phase Control Thyristors, Littelfuse Excellent uni-directional switches for phase control applications such as heating and motor speed controls. Sensitive gate SCRs are easily triggered with microamperes of current. Standard phase control SCRs are triggered with few milliamperes of current at less than 1. Thyristors - Littelfuse A Thyristor is a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating N and P-type material.

They act as bistable switches, conducting when their gate receives a current trigger, and continue to conduct while they are forward biased. Product Information. Technical Documents. Datasheet Technical Reference. Phase Control Thyristors, Littelfuse Excel Powerex Inc. Phase Control Thyristors, Littelfuse Excellent uni-directional switches for pha Bourns Inc.

All Rights Reserved. Company Name. Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage. Surge Current Rating. Repetitive Peak Off-State Current. Rated Average On-State Current. Peak On-State Voltage. Minimum Operating Temperature. Maximum Holding Current. Maximum Gate Trigger Current. Maximum Operating Temperature. Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage. SR Datasheet Technical Reference.

SL Datasheet Technical Reference.


S8055R Datasheet

Search for the part s number you wish to receive samples. Or, visit the sample center page. Littelfuse products are not designed for, and shall not be used for, any purpose including, without limitation, automotive, military, aerospace, medical, life-saving, life-sustaining or nuclear facility applications, devices intended for surgical implant into the body, or any other application in which the failure or lack of desired operation of the product may result in personal injury, death, or property damage other than those expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse product documentation. Warranties granted by Littelfuse shall be deemed void for products used for any purpose not expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. Littelfuse shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of products used in applications not expressly intended by Littelfuse as set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. The sale and use of Littelfuse products is subject to Littelfuse Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless otherwise agreed by Littelfuse. Typical applications are AC solid-state switches, industrial power tools, exercise equipment, white goods and commercial appliances.

NBR 15310 PDF

Littelfuse, S8055R, Thyristor, 800V 55A, 40000μA 3-Pin, TO-220AB



S8055R Datasheet PDF


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