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This product met high expectations. I don't really need blu-ray for my dvd needs. I require good, clean recording quality but it need not meet HD standards. If conventional pre-recorded dvds become less available in the future, I'm sure I can live with a "player" only. The DTV transition made recording some of my favorite progams, using a converter box, too cumbersome.

This device is about as easy to use as current technology permits. The operator manual is also very good and large as a result of the many features. The only item I struggled See All Buying Options. Before purchasing this unit I read all of the reviews so I was aware of the problem with the clock gaining time.

The clock on this unit gained 4 hours overnight. I called the customer support line and found out how to fix the problem. Press Set Up. Press Set Up to exit. Go back in again and this time manually input the actual time. I just set it up on Thursday, February 25, , so have not had it long.

After the above fix on Friday the unit did not gain time overnight. Today I set it up to record a movie. I purchased my first Toshiba from a box store after having purchased Panasonic and Samsung, which were both defective.

I replaced them with my first Toshiba Combo, which I missed this originally. If you are just looking to replace your VCR I you have a 27 inch TV or smaller If you want high quality video for a big screen Only two negatives.

One, the menu it creates for a DVD could use a still from the video, but it does not Two, record modes are 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr etc Good Product. Good Price. In stock. In each case I spent hundreds of dollars buying the BEST models available, only to find that they eventually all fail. Judging from other reviewers, most people run into the same problems. DVD recorders tend to last years even with careful use.

The quality is excellent, and "a breeze" to install! NO quirks in recording almost anything copy-righted material a given exception. If you can run an old VHS tape-recorder, you can easily use this as well. Add to cart. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. For this manner of hookup, a built-in tuner isn't required, and its absence contributes to the unit's affordability. I recommend it without reservation to anyone seeking a "no frills", "does its job well" DVD Recorder that will be used with either a cable, satellite, or home VCR signal input.

Definetly worth the cost alone!!! Exceptions are very rare but can fail on playback. NOTE: the 8 hour speed picture quality I too searched around for a decent DVD recorder and settled on this one due to the reviews.

I'm happy with the choice. It did exactly what it is supposed to do with little weirdness. Good enough. Then I received a netflix disk that my main player couldn't read. The DR had no problem. It also plays other DVDs that my other players can't. So, I installed it as my main player.

Taking the TV output from the DR instead of the switch removed the switch from the system, kept all functionality, and added Bought this DVD recorder based on other reviews, and am very glad I did. I did get the refurbished unit for half the price, and have had no problems with it at all. Played with the different recording times, and settings.

I am grateful for the other reviews and Amazon seller. I use a VCD recorder from Tarapin before but the picture quality is not good at all and sometimes the video and audio do not synchronize. This machine does everything I need and more. XP mode is definitely the best. However, I find the SP mode is still very acceptable. In additional, the recording process is much more stable Just follow instructions.

We have Directv with Tivo, and it was filling up fast. I tested it on the portable DVD player we have. Now I have more than enough cartoons for my daughter; american Idol, so you think you can dance, rockstar supernova, oprah shows for my wifey; and more space on the tivo for my shows!

Set up, hardware: Easy, as long as you have all the cables ready. Remember to finalise the disc before testing it on another system. Seriously though, read the instructions through prior to setting up. It saves alot of time and frustration. I first purchased an USB device to connect my 8mm camcorder to my computer in order to convert the tapes to DVD safe storage, added effects, etc.

As may be viewed on my other review, it did not work as advertised. The method was simple. There are other options, like when to add "chapters" stopping the recording in the middle creates new sections that may be selected as new headings from your other DVD devices , or to Tuggle USA. The dvd recorder has an edge on its competion, in that it has a built-in tuner! AV Cable Included. No Remote.

It is easy to use. I always appreciate the people who take time to write reviews. It helps me decide what to buy. I purchased two of these units. I've always recorded to VHS tapes. This is my first DVD recorder. Both units will record from TV cable.

The first unit let's call it U1 records OK except when I schedule a recording from to , then to and then one for to on the same day, the unit will record the first 2 just fine then start recording at and keep recording until the disk is full.

Very annoying. The other unit call it U2 works fine. If you try to interrupt U1 during a recording session it will ignore you completely. You have to pull the power plug to finally get it to stop. U2 will politely ask if you There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime.


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